Knowledge Base

  1. Common Issues 

    1. COVID-19 retailer resources
    2. Handling vendor/supplier price changes (updates)
    3. All about the Ascend User permissions
    4. Recalculate the Average Cost for a product
    5. I can't log in to Ascend
  2. FAQs 

    1. Quick start guide for cashiers
    2. Handling internet outages or connection issues
    3. Where can I find more help?
    4. What is Emergency Support? How do I access it?
    5. Get a Support Tech connected to my computer
  3. Hardware 

    1. Minimum hardware requirements for Ascend
    2. Install a new workstation
    3. Install the receipt printer
    4. Add a logo to the receipt printer
    5. Install the label printer
  4. Integration 

    1. Submit an idea for an improvement to the software
    2. Create an Ascend University account
    3. Process Trek warranties
    4. Display my product availability on
    5. Accounting for bikes bought on (Click & Collect)
  5. Inventory 

    1. Use the Category Mapper
    2. Prepare for a full-store physical inventory
    3. User permissions for a cycle count or full-store inventory
    4. Sectioning the store for a full-store inventory
    5. How does a label audit work?
  6. Reporting 

    1. Access Ascend HQ
    2. Ascend HQ Analytics Metrics
    3. Ascend HQ Sales Team Analysis metrics
    4. Ascend HQ Category Analysis metrics
    5. Schedule email delivery of Ascend HQ Category Analysis report
  7. Sales 

    1. Run a sales transaction
    2. Complete a return
    3. Create a layaway
    4. Create a quote
    5. Add a customer
  8. Service Center 

    1. Warranty an item
    2. Set up my service center’s availability for scheduling
    3. Manage Work Order Spaces in Ascend
    4. Manage Work Order statuses
    5. Configure the default work order preferences
  9. Rentals & Reservations 

    1. Create rental Rate programs
    2. Create rental Collections, Products, and Items
    3. Import a large number of Rental Products into Ascend
    4. Import a large number of Rental Items into Ascend
    5. Schedule a Reservation
  10. Troubleshooting 

    1. My nightly database backups are failing
    2. Ascend can't connect to my payment processing device
    3. The touch screen isn't working on my payment terminal
    4. Process payments during an internet outage
    5. The cash drawer isn't opening
  11. Users & Permissions 

    1. Add a new user
    2. Handling seasonal employees (who may come back next year)
    3. I forgot my password for Ascend
    4. I forgot my user name or password for Ascend Online Reports
    5. All about the employee Time Clock
  12. Vendor Promotions 

    1. Trek Connect Retail Marketing (TCRM) post-purchase emails
  13. Version Updates 

    1. Install an Ascend update
    2. Release Notes (General Release)
    3. Release Notes (Early Release)
    4. Release Notes (Beta)
    5. Why does my client PC(s) prompt me to update even after my server PC has been updated?
  14. Artículos en Español 

    1. Notas de actualización (Versión general)
    2. ¿Cómo vender un vale-regalo?
    3. ¿Cómo puedo recibir asistencia remota?
    4. ¿Cómo dar de alta un nuevo usuario?
    5. ¿Cómo ejecuto una transacción de venta?
  15. Articles en Français 

    1. Comment ajouter un client?
    2. Comment exécuter une transaction de vente?
    3. Comment vendre un bon d’achat?
    4. Comment ajouter un nouvel utilisateur?
    5. Comment créer une commande fournisseur?
  16. Artikels in het Nederlands 

    1. Toegang tot Ascend HQ
    2. Hoe voeg ik een klant toe?
    3. Een product voor een klant assembleren
    4. Een nieuw werkstation installeren
    5. Minimale hardwarevereisten voor Ascend
  17. All articles 

    1. Install an Ascend update
    2. Use the Category Mapper
    3. My nightly database backups are failing
    4. Submit an idea for an improvement to the software
    5. Trek Connect Retail Marketing (TCRM) post-purchase emails

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