What is Emergency Support? How do I access it?

Ascend has emergency support hours outside of our normal business hours to help keep you closing sales. Our emergency line can be reached at our normal number (877-875-8663) during these times:
  • Weeknights (Monday-Friday) from 6PM-10PM CST
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and most US Holidays from 8AM-5PM CST 

What counts as an emergency?

In general, an emergency is anything that's stopping you from processing sales. Please note that reporting data assistance and any other non-urgent matters like query requests are not considered emergencies.

How's it work?

When you call our regular support number during emergency hours, you'll receive a message that our support line is closed. But don't hang-up! You can press 1 to access our emergency support mailbox and leave a message. Make sure to include:
  • Your name
  • Your store's name
  • The phone number they can reach you
  • Some information detailing what your emergency is
Once you leave a message, the on-call tech will be paged. After that, you can expect them to call within 15 minutes in most cases. 

So how can I help?

Before calling the support line, be sure to check out these resources:
These resources can help you find the answers you need and even provide updated information in the event of an Ascend outage or other error.

We also suggest downloading our Integrated Payment Processing During An Internet Outage Guide so you know what to do if your internet connection goes out.


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