What is Emergency Support? How do I access it?

Ascend support (North America) is available on Monday-Friday from 8AM-6PM CST.

Ascend has emergency support hours outside of our normal business hours to help keep you closing sales. Our emergency line can be reached at our normal number (877-875-8663) during these times:
  • Weeknights (Monday-Friday) from 6PM-10PM CST
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and most US Holidays from 8AM-5PM CST 

What counts as an emergency?

In general, an emergency is anything that's stopping you from processing sales. Please note that reporting data assistance and any other non-urgent matters like query requests are not considered emergencies.

How's it work?

When you call our regular support number during emergency hours, you'll receive a message that our support line is closed. But don't hang-up! You can press 1 to access our emergency support mailbox and leave a message. Make sure to include:
  • Your name
  • Your store's name
  • The phone number they can reach you
  • Some information detailing what your emergency is
Once you leave a message, the on-call tech will be paged. After that, you can expect them to call within 15 minutes in most cases. 

So how can I help?

Before calling the support line, be sure to check out these resources:
These resources can help you find the answers you need and even provide updated information in the event of an Ascend outage or other error.

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