My nightly database backups are failing

Nightly database backups are an important tool for your shop; they help your store save all its data in the event of a server crash. With an up-to-date backup, your system can be completely restored with minimal loss of information. So it's a pretty big deal if the backups aren't running correctly!

For a database backup to run...

  • The server computer must be on.
  • The server computer should be set so it does not go to sleep.
  • Ascend must be open.
  • Someone must have logged into Ascend during the current session of Ascend (even if you're not currently logged in).
  • Ascend must be able to connect to the location of the backup (whether it's being saved to a folder, the cloud, or another location). 
 Now, if the computer is off, or Ascend was not open, the backup just won't run at the specified time. The backup would run once the computer is turned on again and Ascend is opened. You wouldn't get a "backup failed" email in this situation; you'd just get the "backup succeeded" email later.  

If the backup fails (and you get a "backup failed" email in your email inbox)...

The most likely explanation is:
  • No one logged into this session of Ascend at all (so it never connected to the database),
  • Ascend can't connect to the specified location for the backup to be stored,
  • Or the server computer is going to sleep.

Check where your database backups are saved

1. In Ascend, go to Options > General
2. Look under Scheduled Back Up on the bottom portion of the window.
3. Make sure Automatically back up database each day is checked, and the time is set (we recommend outside of  
    work hours in the evening).
4. Select the Edit icon next to Destination

6. The Browse for Folder window opens. If the current destination if legitimate, it will be highlighted already. If it's not, a different folder (or no folder) will be highlighted.
7. If needed, select a folder that appears in the Browse for Folder window to reset your Destination for backups.
8. Select OK.
9. In Options in Ascend, make sure the Email Notify box is filled out.
     a. To send the email notification to multiple inboxes, simply separate them with a comma. For
10. Select OK

Check your server computer's sleep settings

1. Go to Control Panel on your computer.
2. Select Power Options.
3. Whichever plan your computer has selected, click Change plan settings for it.
4. Under Put the computer to sleep, select Never from the dropdown menus.

5. Select Save changes

Now what?

After checking your Ascend Options and computer Power Options, make sure to sign into the current session of Ascend on your server computer. You can log out again if you like - but do not close the Ascend program.

Then we wait!

If you get another "backup failed" email in your inbox tomorrow, call the Ascend support line for assistance. 

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