Release Notes (Beta)

October 2021 Beta 2

Software 21.4.58 / Database Schema 94 (change from October 2021 Beta 1)

Ingenico iSC Touch 250 Device Configuration: 21.4.1 / Firmware: (change from October 2021 Beta 1)

Ingenico Lane 7000 Device Configuration: 21.4.0 / Firmware: 6.81.9 (no change from October 2021 Beta 1)

Release Date: July 21, 2021

Ensure all computers are running the current version of Ascend before processing any transactions.

Ascend HQ

  • (new) On the RPM Accuracy report, % of Bikes w/Accurate SNs calculation performance is improved. (multi-store retailers) When individual locations are selected, values display for only the selected locations.
  • (fixed) On the Service Analysis report, Labor/Hour includes Time Clock records whose total Duration is the same (e.g. if a user works 8.0 hours every day) and excludes records whose total Duration is 0.0 hours.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) Performance is improved for:
    a. Product and vendor product searches
    b. Database Explorer > Users
  • (fixed) Customers’ In-Store Credit and Gift Certificate balances calculate correctly when the customer is set up to Purchase on Account. On the Purchase on Account screen, applying a single In-Store Credit or Gift Certificate payment to multiple transactions does not create a positive In-Store Credit/Gift Certificate balance (customer owes the store money).
  • (fixed) (Trek dealers) On the Receiving Wizard:
    a. Inventory values are not duplicated if multiple order items for a product exist on a Vendor Order and the order items are received at different times.
    b. Serial numbers are correctly applied to associated to special orders.
    c. When a Vendor Order contains an item which does not match the B2B record, clicking Generate Order Items continues to check for items in the selected shipment.
    d. Non-alphanumeric special characters cannot be entered in the Packing Slip Number field.
    e. Order items with Rental checked are assigned to the appropriate Rental Product when received. (multi-store retailers) Order items assigned to transfer to another location create and automatically mark the Transfer Item as Picked.
  • (fixed) On a Vendor Order:
    a. Select a serial number for an order item with a negative quantity (i.e. -1) to remove (hide) it from your system.
    b. (multi-store retailers) The Sales History and Locations panes display all information and are not cut off.
    c. Negative values cannot be entered for Cost or MSRP.
    Sherpa tip: To reverse (“undo”) a received order item, enter a negative Order Qty.
  • (fixed) When Ascend is selected as your "Point Of Sale" System Used on Locally but Ascend Options > eCommerce Import is not configured, sale imports are not delayed after Ascend setup is complete.
  • (fixed) On the transaction Special Order dialog box, the Associate to Purchase Order dropdown displays all order information regardless of the length of the vendor name.
  • (fixed) When a Customer Tax Exception Reason (e.g. Non-Profit, School, Government Agency) is removed, Customer Tax values are removed (tax rate is reset to the default rate) from any customer with this exception selected.
  • (fixed) Hidden (removed) but incomplete Work Order Details do not prevent finishing (closing) the transaction.
    Sherpa tip: Transactions cannot be finished (closed) as a sale or unmarked as a Work Order until all Work Order Details are completed or hidden.
  • (fixed) In Options > eCommerce Import, sale imports function regardless of the order providers are configured.
  • (fixed) When Options > QuickBooks > Export Settings > Separate Cash and Checks is checked/Separate Check Payments is unchecked and Purchase on Account purchases and payments are processed, no error displays when exporting General Ledger Summary (IIF) files.
  • (fixed) (Chase users) Gift Card payments can be processed using the Ingenico payment terminal.

October 2021 Beta 1

Software 21.4.30 / Database Schema 93 (no change from June 2021 Beta 4)

Ingenico iSC Touch 250 Device Configuration: 21.4.0 / Firmware: (change from June 2021 Beta 4)

Ingenico Lane 7000 Device Configuration: 21.4.0 / Firmware: 6.81.9 (change from June 2021 Beta 4)

Release Date: July 1, 2021

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) In Database Explorer > Products and Database Explorer > Vendors > Vendor Products, any additional filters applied are retained when exporting results.
  • (new) On the Check-In/Check-Out Transfers screens, Print/Print Preview includes all information displayed.
  • (new) When importing customers from a spreadsheet (Ascend Desktop > File menu > Import > Customers) and no ID is entered:
    a. The user is notified if the import fails and at which spreadsheet row the import completed successfully.
    b. If a customer with FirstName, LastName, and Phone values (including spaces and other characters) which exactly match an existing customer, it is not imported.
    Sherpa tip: To update existing customers, records must be exported with their ID values.
  • (new) (multi-store retailers) Products cannot be removed (hidden) or merged when they exist on an incomplete Vendor Order at another location.
  • (new) (Trek dealers) Estimated Delivery Dates from Trek (Shipped, Estimated, or Promise) displays for items in the Special Orders screen (Desktop > View > Special Ordered Items).
    Sherpa tip: Vendor Order # in Ascend must match the B2B Order number exactly – including spaces and other characters.
    See the Best practices for ordering & receiving article to ensure your store is  using the most efficient processes for ordering.
  • (new) For eCommerce Sales placed via Locally:
    a. Messages entered by customers display in the Comments field on the transaction.
    b. When a customer enters a different Billing Address than entered in Ascend, the customer’s record updates accordingly.
  • (new) (Chase users) EMV (chip) card payments (credit or debit) under $100.00 ($99.99 and below) do not require a signature or PIN entry.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) When a transfer item is Picked or Sent at another location, it cannot be Removed (Abandoned).
  • (fixed) Performance is improved in the Work Order Details screen and Options > Sales and Returns > Work Order > Status List when editing or choosing a different Status.
  • (fixed) When switching to another program from the Product Replacement Wizard, Ascend does not “freeze”/become unresponsive.
  • (fixed) On the Work Order Details screen > View Availability, Due Time can be edited.
  • (fixed) On a transaction, multiple Gift Certificate and/or In-Store Credit payments cannot be taken to exceed the customer’s available balance.

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