Release Notes (Beta)

January 2020 Beta 1

Software 20.1.6 / Database Schema 73 (change from October 2019 Beta 5)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from October 2019 Beta 5)

Release Date: October 22, 2019


This version cannot be installed on Windows 7 computers. If your server computer is running a current version of Windows, it will be able to update to January 2020, but any workstations on Windows 7 cannot update. Once updated, server PCs cannot be rolled back to previous versions of Ascend, and your Windows 7 workstations may be unusable.

Check our minimum hardware requirements to ensure your store continues running smoothly.

Ascend HQ

  • (new) On Reports > Sales Team Analysis, Sales/Hour displays the total sales dollars divided by the total number of hours worked (as recorded in Ascend’s Time Clock utility).
  • (new) On Reports, click the Export button to save the displayed results as an XLSX file. On Reports > Sales by Category, export category and product (SKU) values separately.
    Sherpa tip: Exports save to the Downloads folder specified in your browser settings. Percentage values do not display the percentage sign. Categories are not nested – parent and child categories display at the same level.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) (multi-store retailers) In Database Explorer > Locations, locations which are no longer supported (e.g. closed) are removed (hidden).
  • (fixed) (Trek retailers) When a product does not have a SKU or vendor Part Number value, it is excluded from APPLE label updates.

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