Release Notes (Beta)

May 2020 Beta 6

Software 20.2.176 / Database Schema 82 (no change from May 2020 Beta 5)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 20.1.1 / Firmware: (change from May 2020 Beta 5)

Release Date: May 20, 2020

Several new features require our support team to manually migrate your data to the new platform – so, to provide you with the most seamless transition, this release isn’t available to download as normal. Schedule a time with us to get your store updated.

The Ingenico firmware update may take up to up to an hour to complete on each device. Do not unplug your payment terminal until the Firmware Update Complete prompt displays. Be sure to restart Ascend after updating the Ingenico payment terminal. 

Ascend HQ

  • (new) On the Analytics Retail Profit Machine metric:
    a. Sales Per Hour includes all employee hours in its calculation.
    b. Av. DIS displays values based on the date range you’ve selected.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) (Chase users) The Ingenico payment processing terminal displays the Subtotal, Shipping, Total Savings, Tax, and Total due (along with all sale items) on the current transaction.
  • (new) (Chase users) When processing integrated credit or debit payments using the Ingenico payment processing terminal:
    a. Customers are only prompted to choose Credit or Debit as a payment type regardless of the card issuer. When a customer uses a debit-capable card, Debit displays as the first choice available and is selected by default.
    Sherpa tip: Customers can also press the Cancel button on the keypad to process their payment as Credit.
    b. Customers may use near-field communication (NFC)-capable payment methods (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, Fitbit Pay, Chase Pay, PayPal, VISA payWave) for purchases.
    Sherpa tip: American Express (AMEX) and Discover (DISC) payments cannot be taken via Apple Pay. NFC payments cannot be voided. Depending on the customer’s device settings, authorization (e.g. passcode, fingerprint, Face ID) may not be required for payments under $250. If payment is $250 or more and the customer does not have an authorization method configured on their device, a signature or PIN entry on the Ingenico payment processing device is required.
  • (new) Performance for eCommerce sales imports is improved.
  • (fixed) In the Customer Query utility, results apply the Gender filter even when other filters apply.
  • (fixed) When Options > General > Force Login is checked, users must sign in to access the Inventory Center screen or to add a Payout.

May 2020 Beta 5

Software 20.2.159 / Database Schema 82 (change from May 2020 Beta 4)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from May 2020 Beta 4)

Release Date: May 5, 2020

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) On transactions, sale item Quantity for serialized items can be set to -1. Quantity cannot be 0 for any sale item.
    Sherpa tip: When exchanging products for a customer, always use the receipt form the original transaction.
  • (new) The Reports - Online Reports - Customer Transaction History user permission is renamed Reports - Customer Transaction History.
  • (new) The Products/Vendor Products - View Only user permission allows employees to view product information without editing it.
  • (new) In the Customer Query utility, the Communications column displays whether or not Include in Communications is checked, and the Email column displays the Email Address entered. Use the Include in Communications filter to limit results to only customers who have/have not agreed to receive mailings (email or postal) from your store.
    Sherpa tip: In the Product Query utility, Communications and Email display on the Customer (lower) pane. If the customer declined to provide an email address (Declined is checked on the customer record), Declined displays in the Email column.
  • (fixed) In Reports, the following reports can only be saved as a PDF file:
    a. End of Day > Daily Accounting Summary
    b. Inventory > Inventory
    c. Inventory > Inventory by Category Retail
    d. Inventory > Inventory by Vendor
    e. Sales > Sales by Category Details
    f. Inventory > Reconciled Inventory
    g. Sales > Sales by Category Retail
    h. Sales > Sales by Category Summary
    i. Sales > Sales by Vendor Retail
  • (fixed) On the eCommerce Sales screen:
    a. Status changes can be applied when only one order displays.
    b. The screen does not time out when a large number of orders exist in your system.

May 2020 Beta 4

Software 20.2.112 / Database Schema 81 (change from May 2020 Beta 3)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from May 2020 Beta 3)

Release Date: April 1, 2020

Ascend HQ

  • (new) On Reports > Category Analysis, click the Export button to save the displayed results as an XLSX file. (multi-store retailers) Results for each selected location display separately.
  • (new) On the Analytics Retail Profit Machine metric, Email Capture automatically updates if customer information is entered after a transaction is finished (closed).
  • (fixed) (single-store retailers) On the Analytics Retail Profit Machine metric, NPS displays a correct value.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) On a product record, Sales History displays correct values when items have been removed from a transaction.
  • (fixed) When backing out of a new Vendor Order without saving after removing all order items, Ascend does not “freeze”/become unresponsive.

May 2020 Beta 3

Software 20.2.85 / Database Schema 80 (change from May 2020 Beta 2)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from May 2020 Beta 2)

Release Date: March 11, 2020

Ascend HQ

  • (new) Use the Category Analysis report to compare month- and year-to-date sales and inventory performance for this year and last year.
    Sherpa tip: Inventory data prior to April 1, 2019 is not available.
  • (new) On the Analytics Retail Profit Machine metric, NPS displays your Net Promoter Score® from Listen360.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) In Reports, Inventory in a Hidden Category and Hidden Inventory include products with a negative quantity.
  • (new) When an active (non-hidden) Work Order Detail is associated with a Work Order transaction, the Work Order button (on the toolbar) cannot be deselected.
  • (new) (multi-store retailers) When an extremely large number of customers exist, sharing is not impacted.
  • (fixed) (Chase users) Credit or debit payments can be processed after taking a different payment type.
  • (fixed) In Database Explorer > Locations, the Name field cannot be blank.
  • (fixed) Finished (closed) Work Order transactions with an incomplete Work Order Detail associated do not reopen.

May 2020 Beta 2

Software 20.2.62 / Database Schema 79 (change from May 2020 Beta 1)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from May 2020 Beta 1)

Release Date: February 19, 2020

Ascend HQ

  • (new) On the Analytics Retail Profit Machine metric:
    a. Av. Work Order displays the average price of completed Work Order Details (excluding Rental Charges, serialized items, and uncategorized products).
    b. Av. DIS displays the estimated number of days your current inventory will last if it sells at its current rate.
    Sherpa tip: If a full 12 months (365 days) worth of data is not available, an asterisk symbol (*) displays next to the value.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) Performance on the Inventory Event Details report is improved.
    a. When a large number of products are included in results, the report does not time out.
    b. Items with the Not Scanned discrepancy are not duplicated in displayed results.
    Sherpa tip: Inventory adjustments were not duplicated – inventory values are correct. Only the report results display incorrectly.
  • (fixed) In Database Explorer > Customers, matching results display regardless of search parameter used.
    Sherpa tip: Non-numeric characters are ignored when searching phone numbers.
  • (fixed) On the Reconcile Inventory screen, extremely large numbers of sections and/or products can be reconciled.
  • (fixed) On the Work Order Details screen, users without the Work Order Scheduling Override permission cannot approve a Due Date which has exceeded its available number of repairs.
    Sherpa tip: This permission is also required to override a Due Date which has exceeding its available technician time – however, this functionality was not affected and has continued working correctly.

May 2020 Beta 1

Software 20.2.34 / Database Schema 78 (change from January 2020 Beta 5)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from January 2020 Beta 5)

Release Date: January 29, 2020

Ascend HQ

  • (new) On the Analytics screen, use the Retail Profit Machine metric to view average bike price, average bike add-on dollars, sales per hour, and email capture rate values at a glance. Toggle the metric to display benchmark values.
    Sherpa tip: Additional values will be added in future releases.
  • (new) On Reports > Sales Team Analysis, the Customer Data Capture metrics display statistics on how consistently salespeople collect customers’ contact information.
    Sherpa tip: Transactions with no sale items (e.g. gift card/certificate sales) are not included.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) Work Order transactions cannot be finished (closed) until all active (not hidden) Work Order Details are completed.
  • (fixed) (Chase users) EMV (chipped) American Express credit cards can be processed using the Ingenico payment terminal.
  • (fixed) When a customer has Notes on their account, the Search field in transactions remains selected.
  • (fixed) In Database Explorer > Customers, the History tab displays when a transaction is out of balance.

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