Release Notes (Beta)

Sprint 198

Software 18.1.19 / Database Schema 48

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware:

Release Date: December 5, 2017

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) Set a flat tax rate for categories.
    a. In Database Explorer > Tax Rates, check Show Hidden and restore CategoryFlatTax. Edit the Description as required and enter the default Amount for all categories.
    b. In Database Explorer > Categories, enter the appropriate tax amount for each category.
    Sherpa Tip: If the tax applies only to a few categories (e.g. Bikes), set Amount to $0.00 in CategoryFlatTax and enter the appropriate rate in each category.
  • (new) When no Footer information is entered in Options, text on full-page receipts “wraps” to the next page at an appropriate spot on the page – preventing large areas of white space at the bottom of the page.
  • (fixed) The TCS Service Team Analysis report can be scheduled for delivery.
  • (fixed) Customer can be associated with all Inventory Adjustment types.
  • (fixed) The Top Products by Sales report does not include quotes.
  • (fixed) On the Time Clock report, long user names do not take up two lines.
  • (fixed) The Products Sold with No Vendor report includes uncategorized products.

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