Release Notes (Beta)

January 2020 Beta 2

Software 20.1.46 / Database Schema 73 (change from January 2020 Beta 1)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from January 2020 Beta 1)

Release Date: November 6, 2019

After updating your server computer, you may need to restart the Ascend Agent service.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) Use the Inventory Center to manage inventory count Events (e.g. full-store physical inventories, cycle count schedules), track section completion status, and automatically detect differences in scan and piece count values. Connect a Unitech EA500Plus scanner with AscendScan 4.0 to:
    a. Wirelessly sync product information and automatically import completed section scan files.
    b. Scan serial numbers, UPCs, or in-store SKUs to record a product’s quantity.
    c. Enter piece (physical item) counts for completed sections while on the sales floor.
    d. Receive immediate notification when a scanned barcode is not recognized.
    e. Prevent employees from scanning duplicate sections.
    f. View, edit, and remove items previously scanned in a session.
    g. Confirm product information and pricing while on the sales floor.
    h. Keep track of your inventory’s status while on the sales floor.
    i. In the Inventory Center, keep track of scanners in use.
    Sherpa tip: Older inventory scanners (e.g. MC2180) can be used with the Inventory Center, but cannot have AscendScan 4.0 installed. Features such as wireless syncing, serial number scans, scan session editing, and Event Dashboard are not available. Scan files can be imported and piece counts can be entered manually.
    j. Use Reports > Inventory > Inventory Event to view your Inventory Event history, including status on incomplete Events; this report includes the date the Reconcile was completed, number of products Reconciled (regardless of whether quantity was changed), beginning and end quantity and total cost, and total quantity and cost change.
  • (new) Use Reports > Work Orders > TCS Technician Efficiency to compare your technicians’ productivity; this report includes Total Labor Dollars, Percentage of Total (labor dollars), and Labor $/Hrs. Worked.
  • (new) Use Reports > Reservations > Rental Inventory to view cost and quantity information on your itemized rental fleet.
  • (new) When a Rental Item is sold from a Reservation, the converted in-store item is added to the Rental transaction.
  • (new) Use Reports > Reservations > Rental Fleet Movement to track when Rental Items were received and/or converted to in-store inventory.
  • (fixed) Users are not incorrectly alerted that the Ascend Agent is down when the Ascend.Rms.Agent Windows Service is running.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) When a new location is added, it is automatically active (i.e. not removed/hidden) at all locations.
  • (fixed) In the Work Order Details dialog box, clicking the Check Availability button does not change the Due Date on existing work orders.
  • (fixed) On a Vendor Order, quantities do not change when the same product is added as multiple line items.

January 2020 Beta 1

Software 20.1.6 / Database Schema 72 (no change from October 2019 Beta 5)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from October 2019 Beta 5)

Release Date: October 22, 2019


This version CANNOT be installed on Windows 7 computers. If your server computer is running a current version of Windows, it will be able to update to January 2020, but any workstations on Windows 7 cannot update. Once updated, server PCs cannot be rolled back to previous versions of Ascend, and your Windows 7 workstations may be unusable.

Check our minimum hardware requirements to ensure your store continues running smoothly.

Ascend HQ

  • (new) On Reports > Sales Team Analysis, Sales/Hour displays the total sales dollars divided by the total number of hours worked (as recorded in Ascend’s Time Clock utility).
  • (new) On Reports, click the Export button to save the displayed results as an XLSX file. On Reports > Sales by Category, export category and product (SKU) values separately.
    Sherpa tip: Exports save to the Downloads folder specified in your browser settings. Percentage values do not display the percentage sign. Categories are not nested – parent and child categories display at the same level.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) (multi-store retailers) In Database Explorer > Locations, locations which are no longer supported (e.g. closed) are removed (hidden).
  • (fixed) (Trek retailers) When a product does not have a SKU or vendor Part Number value, it is excluded from APPLE label updates.

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