Release Notes (Early Release)

April 2021 Early Release 1

Software 21.2.103 / Database Schema 91 (change from February 2021 Early Release 2)

Ingenico iSC Touch 250 Device Configuration: 20.1.1 / Firmware: (no change from February 2021 Early Release 2)

Ingenico Lane 7000 Device Configuration: 20.3.3 / Firmware: 6.81.5 (no change from February 2021 Early Release 2)

Release Date: April 8, 2021


Ascend HQ

  • The Service Team Analysis report allows you to analyze the work being done in your service center.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (US/Canada only) Process customer orders using the Locally eCommerce platform.
  • Use the Model Year Rollover Wizard to easily replace discontinued products with their new model year replacements.

Full Release Notes

Ascend HQ

  • (new) The Analytics > Retail Profit Machine (RPM) metric displays correctly when the browser window is not maximized.
  • (new) On the Time Clock report, records longer than 24 hours do not display.
  • (new) Use the Service Team Analysis report to assess your mechanics’ and service center’s performance.
  • (fixed) Column and report names display correctly when a new version is released.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (US/Canada only) (new) eCommerce integration using Locally is available.
    a. In Options > eCommerce Import, select Locally from the provider dropdown and enter your Locally Store ID.
    b. Accept, cancel, and process customer orders (buy or reserve online and store pick up) in the eCommerce Sales screen.
    Sherpa tip: Locally collects and pays local sales tax(es) on your behalf. Sales tax is not included in Ascend transactions paid online.
    c. Sync inventory and pricing via scheduled report.
    d. (Trek dealers) Display your availability for products on the Trek website and allow customers to purchase directly from the product listing.
    Sherpa tip: Locally integration replaces all previous Trek inventory sync processes.
  • (new) On the Ascend Desktop, click the Replacement Wizard tile to adjust product information when a manufacturer/supplier carries over a model into a new model year but changes their product information (new Part Number, UPC, etc.).
    Sherpa tip: Update vendor/supplier products with the new model year information prior to using this feature.
    a. Update order items on open Vendor Orders which are being replaced by the new model.
    b. Update special ordered sale items which are being replaced by the new model. Keep the originally promised price, or update with the new product’s MSRP.
    c. Email, Export (in CSV format), or Print a copy of the replacement summary.
  • (fixed) On the eCommerce Sales screen, right-click a column header and select Column Chooser to display hidden fields.
  • There’s a lot of text here. Need a break? Are you a dog person, a cat person, or maybe you prefer something else?
  • (fixed) On a Vendor Order:
    a. Select the Tools menu > Remove Customer Association to clear the special order or manual customer association assigned to an order item.
    b. The Location in Store column (available in the Column Chooser) displays a value when the corresponding field is entered on the product record.
  • (fixed) The log files for the Ascend.Rms.Agent service are not unnecessarily duplicated and do not use excessive amounts of hard drive space.
  • (fixed) When the SMS message for special orders is customized (in Options > Services > SMS Setup button > Special Order tab), all placeholder Tags are replaced with the appropriate values.
  • (fixed) In Database Explorer > Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Adjustment records display the correct Type.
  • (fixed) On the Items to Order dialog box, the Special Order Items pane does not “hide” the Export button. Files can be exported in either PDF or CSV format.

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