Release Notes (Early Release)

Sprint 191

Software 17.3.181 / Database Schema 43

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware:

Release Date: August 22, 2017

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) Spaces are not automatically created for Locations on completed Work Order Details, finished (closed) transactions, transferred serial numbers, or hidden Work Order Details, transactions, or serial numbers. Existing values can be removed.
  • (new) In Work Order Details, enter Est. Time and Actual Time in hours and minutes (format HH:MM).
  • (new) In certain situations where a branded EMV (“chip”) card (e.g. REI-branded MasterCards) does not utilize full EMV standards, it can be processed successfully.
    Sherpa Tip: Since EMV technology is still relatively new in the US, standards can be something of a moving target. There may still be some scenarios where a valid card cannot be processed due to an incorrect setup by the issuing bank.

Sprint 190

Software 17.3.179 / Database Schema 43

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware:

Release Date: August 15, 2017


Ascend Analytics

  • The Daily Sales Summary and Category Health Summary reports display the date/time.

Ascend RMS Client

  • Configure an address to automatically receive a copy (BCC) of all emails sent from your system.
  • Specify users as Technicians, set the amount of time (minutes) each technician has available to work on work orders, and schedule work by technician availability.
  • Specify set Spaces for storage of repair items and/or serialized items.
  • Check a gift card’s balance from the Payment dialog box.
  • The Sales by Sales Person report displays all applicable users, regardless of whether the user is hidden.
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Full Release Notes

Ascend Analytics

  • (new) On the Daily Sales Summary and Category Health Summary reports, an Ascend logo and the date/time display.

Ascend Online Reports (AOR)

  • (fixed) The Inventory by Category Detail report returns only in-stock products in the selected category.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) All reports display and run when a location is no longer used (closed/unsupported).
  • (fixed) Performance for the Ascend Health Checkup report is improved.
  • (fixed) The Daily Accounting Summary and Customer Data Capture reports display valid results as soon as they are accessed.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) When processing a Gift Card payment, the Amount field is automatically selected. Click Check Gift Card Balance to check the card’s available balance directly from the Payment dialog box.
  • (new) Up to 12 Quickie buttons are available in Work Order Details, and the dialog box is restructured to show additional detail.
  • (new) Manage the hook/location names you use from Work Order Details or Options > Sales and Returns > Work Orders > Spaces. In Work Order Details, the Space dropdown replaces the Located field; on upgrade, the Spaces list is automatically populated with all Located values from incomplete work order details and serial number records. Spaces already in use on a repair display in italic orange text, and in use for a serial number display in italic blue text.
    Sherpa Tip: Managing Spaces requires the System Tools user permission.
  • (new) In Work Order Details, scan another item to increase its line item quantity.
  • (new) The Sales by Sales Person report displays hidden (removed) users who have completed sales during the selected date range and can be delivered on a schedule. All values display in two decimal points.
  • (new) In Options > Services, enter an Automatic Email BCC address to receive a blind carbon copy of all emails sent via Ascend.
    Sherpa Tip: This option shares across all computers at your location (not across multi-store locations). Once set, this field requires a value.
  • (new) In Options, the Vendor Update tab is removed. Specify Trek pricing levels in the Trek tab, and toggle the Import Only New Products for Vendors option on the General tab.
    Existing product information is overwritten when the Import Only New Products for Vendors option is unchecked. Always back up your Ascend system before importing product spreadsheets. Previous information cannot be recovered without a backup.
  • (new) (multi-store retailers) The product sync process’s performance is improved when importing spreadsheets (both in-store products and vendor products).
  • (new) Work Orders Due and Ready for Pick-up are redesigned for easier use. Mark repairs which must be worked first as Important. Users can customize their grid view. Filters can be applied to refine work orders by technician, status, location, due date, and more.
    Sherpa Tip: User grid customizations and Service Technician filter share across all workstations in your store. Current customizations reset upon upgrade, but all future customizations are retained.
  • (new) Specific users’/mechanics’ availability can be entered for work order scheduling.
    a. In a user’s profile (Database Explorer > Users), check This user is a Service Technician to specify users who can be scheduled for work orders.
    b. In Options > Sales and Returns > Work Orders > Scheduling, select By Time.
    c. From Work Orders Due or Work Orders Ready for Pick-up, click Tech Settings (on the toolbar) to enter the number of minutes available per date for each user/mechanic. Time may be entered one, two, or four weeks at a time. Click the arrows to navigate dates. If the values are the same as a previous date range, select that week from the Copy Settings from dropdown menu and click Copy.
    d. In Work Order Details, click View Availability to schedule a due date based on mechanics’ scheduled work time. Assign the repair to either any available mechanic or a to specific mechanic. The next available date is automatically selected, but can be changed at any time.
    Sherpa Tip: If you prefer to instead only allow a specific number of work orders to be scheduled on a date (regardless of users’/mechanics’ time), simply keep Options > Sales and Returns > Work Orders > Scheduling > By Number selected.
  • (new) Work Order Details do not require a Repair Item.
  • (new) Users can customize their grid view in Database Explorer > Serialization.
    Sherpa Tip: User customizations share across all workstations in your store.
  • (new) Multiple serial numbers can be entered for products with electronic components (e.g. e-bikes). The In-Store Location field is renamed Spaces and shares the values entered for work orders.
  • (new) In Reports > Work Orders, run built-in reports for Trek Certified Service.
    a. TCS Total Finished Work Orders displays the total number of work orders created in the selected date range.
    b. TCS Work Order Add-on Dollars displays the total add-on dollars in the selected date range by vendor.
    Sherpa Tip: Once an item is in your inventory, Ascend has no way to identify which vendor a specific item came from – only which vendors a product may be ordered from. Running reports by vendor will inflate your total values.
    c. TCS Average Hook Turn displays the average number of days taken to complete work orders.
    d. TCS Totals Received by Vendor displays total units and dollars received by vendor in the selected date range.
    e. TCS Service Tickets per Bike Sold displays the total units of labor items added to a work order with a serialized item.
    f. TCS Team Member Analysis displays the totals for transactions, add-ons, and labor items by technician in the selected date range.
    g. TCS Total Add-on Revenue displays total work order add-on dollars in the selected date range.
    h. TCS Work Order Time Variance displays the total time from work order creation to completion in the selected date range.
  • (new) QuickBooks® General Ledger Summary export (.iif) files can be exported regardless of date format.
  • (fixed) eCommerce exports (uploads) do not return the message “Failed: Upload - UploadError, CatSync File Does Not Exist.”
  • (fixed) Date and time display in the Reservation dialog box.
  • (fixed) Special Order prompts correctly calculate Quantity Needed values based on current inventory levels. Special order items’ quantities can be changed in transactions.
  • (fixed) In Work Order Details, in-cell editing is only available when the corresponding setting checked in Options and quantities are not combined into a single line item when multiple products are scanned.
  • (fixed) If a user clicks Cancel on both the Enter Serial Number and Select Customer prompts when creating a work order, a blank, removed (hidden) transaction is not created.
  • (fixed) When installing the current version of Ascend, users are prompted to install additional Microsoft® software which the Ascend program requires to install successfully.
    Sherpa Tip: Before installing Ascend on a new computer, be sure to continue to check for and install Windows® updates (restarting the computer as prompted) until there are no more updates available. Windows® updates are not cumulative, and each update may trigger another required update.
  • (fixed) In the Scheduler utility, appointments can be added to the correct date.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) In a vendor order, edits made using in-cell editing are shared across all locations. Reorder (min/max) values at the editing location do not reset.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) Product sync performance is improved.
  • (fixed) While the Transaction screen is loading, toolbar buttons cannot be selected. This change also prevents the Finished date from changing on completed transactions and prevents completed transactions from reopening.
  • (fixed) In certain situations, no error occurs when installing a new version of Ascend.
  • (fixed) Coupon Codes and Descriptions match regardless of which drop-down menu is used for selection.

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