Release Notes (Early Release)

October 2019 Early Release 3

Software 19.3.217 / Database Schema 72 (no change from October 2019 Early Release 2)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from October 2019 Early Release 2)

Release Date: December 10, 2019

Full Release Notes

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) Use Reports > Inventory > Inventory Event Details to view details on every product which was reconciled from Inventory Events which were reconciled in the selected date range; this report includes quantity scanned, inventory quantity before reconciling, adjusted inventory quantity after reconciling, and value change.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) When another location’s information changes, other locations receive the changes.
  • (fixed) Serialized sale items cannot have a quantity greater than one on ANY transaction, including Quotes. If a serialized item was previously added to a Quote with a quantity greater than one, the item is split onto multiple items with quantity of one each when it is converted to a Sale. Inventory adjusts accordingly.
    Sherpa tip: If you believe a product was affected by this issue, contact the Ascend Support Team for assistance.
  • (fixed) Reports > Inventory > Inventory Event displays correct reconciliation values.
  • (fixed) When a Case Quantity item is special ordered, the sale item quantity remains unchanged when the item is added to a Vendor Order. For other special order items, changing the order item quantity also adjusts the sale item quantity. Inventory adjusts accordingly if quantity changes and when the item is received.
    Sherpa tip: To determine whether your store was affected by this issue, download and run the October 2019 Hotfix update queries; contact the Ascend Support Team for assistance resolving discrepancies caused by this issue.
  • (fixed) Case Quantity items on a Vendor Order cannot be split. For other order items, the items cannot be split a second time in the current session (e.g. if the order item has a quantity of five and is split into order items with quantities of three and two, the Vendor Order must be saved before the new order items can be split to quantities of one).
  • (fixed) Performance on the Reconcile Inventory screen is improved. This screen can be accessed when a large number of in-store products exist in your system.

October 2019 Early Release 2

Software 19.3.200 / Database Schema 72 (no change from October 2019 Early Release 1)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from October 2019 Early Release 1)

Release Date: November 1, 2019

After updating your server computer, you may need to restart the Ascend Agent service.

If your computer is running Windows 8.1, restart your computer to complete the update.


This is the last version that can be installed on Windows 7 computers. If your server computer is running a current version of Windows, it will be able to update to January 2020, but any workstations on Windows 7 cannot update. Once updated, server PCs cannot be rolled back to previous versions of Ascend, and your Windows 7 workstations may be unusable.

Check our minimum hardware requirements to ensure your store continues running smoothly.

Ascend HQ

  • (new) On Reports > Sales Team Analysis, Sales/Hour displays the total sales dollars divided by the total number of hours worked (as recorded in Ascend’s Time Clock utility).
  • (new) On Reports, click the Export button to save the displayed results as an XLSX file. On Reports > Sales by Category, export category and product (SKU) values separately.Sherpa tip: Exports save to the Downloads folder specified in your browser settings. Percentage values do not display the percentage sign. Categories are not nested – parent and child categories display at the same level.
  • Ascend RMS Client
  • (new) Use the Inventory Center to manage inventory count Events (e.g. full-store physical inventories, cycle count schedules), track section completion status, and automatically detect differences in scan and piece count values. Connect a Unitech EA500Plus scanner with AscendScan 4.0 to:
    a. Wirelessly sync product information and automatically import completed section scan files.
    b. Scan serial numbers, UPCs, or in-store SKUs to record a product’s quantity.
    c. Enter piece (physical item) counts for completed sections while on the sales floor.
    d. Receive immediate notification when a scanned barcode is not recognized.
    e. Prevent employees from scanning duplicate sections.
    f. View, edit, and remove items previously scanned in a session.
    g. Confirm product information and pricing while on the sales floor.
    h. Keep track of your inventory’s status while on the sales floor.
    i. In the Inventory Center, keep track of scanners in use.Sherpa tip: Older inventory scanners (e.g. MC2180) can be used with the Inventory Center, but cannot have AscendScan 4.0 installed. Features such as wireless syncing, serial number scans, scan session editing, and Event Dashboard are not available. Scan files can be imported and piece counts can be entered manually.
    j. Use Reports > Inventory > Inventory Event to view your Inventory Event history, including status on incomplete Events; this report includes the date the Reconcile was completed, number of products Reconciled (regardless of whether quantity was changed), beginning and end quantity and total cost, and total quantity and cost change.
  • (new) Use Reports > Work Orders > TCS Technician Efficiency to compare your technicians’ productivity; this report includes Total Labor Dollars, Percentage of Total (labor dollars), and Labor $/Hrs. Worked.
  • (fixed) Users are not incorrectly alerted that the Ascend Agent is down when the Ascend.Rms.Agent Windows Service is running.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) When a new location is added, it is automatically active (i.e. not removed/hidden) at all locations.
  • (fixed) In the Work Order Details dialog box, clicking the Check Availability button does not change the Due Date on existing work orders.
  • (fixed) On a Vendor Order, quantities do not change when the same product is added as multiple line items.

October 2019 Early Release 1

Software 19.3.172 / Database Schema 72 (change from July 2019 Early Release 3)

Ingenico Device Configuration: 17.3.1 / Firmware: (no change from July 2019 Early Release 3)

Release Date: October 2, 2019


Ascend HQ

  • The Sales Team Analysis report displays Quote and Layaway values.
  • The Sales By Category report can display inventory and (multi-store retailers) location-specific values.

Ascend RMS Client

  • Scheduled tasks (backups, report delivery, QuickBooks exports, and multi-store sharing) process without Ascend running on the server computer.
  • Use the Sell button to easily convert Rental Items to sellable inventory.
  • New Receipts Options allow you to display additional tax calculation details on customer receipts.
  • (Trek retailers) APPLE pricing automatically updates when submitting orders.
  • Use the Rent All button to add bulk quantities of Rental Items to a Reservation.
  • (multi-store retailers) Allow users to create/edit and/or assign user permissions only to users available at the current location.
  • Use the Quick Add button to automatically check out all Rental Items when creating a Reservation.

Full Release Notes

Ascend HQ

  • (new) On Reports > Sales Team Analysis:
    a. Statistics on Quotes and Layaways display.
    Sherpa tip: Quote and Layaway values are today’s values. Values are not historic.
    b. UPT values round to two decimal places.
  • (new) On Reports > Sales By Category > Show SKUs:
    a. The QOH column displays your current stock for the product.
    Sherpa tip: Inventory values are today’s values. Values are not historic.
    b. Check Include Inventory with No Sales to display products you have in stock but have not sold in the selected date range.
    c. (multi-store retailers) Check Separate Location Details to display each location’s values on a separate line.
    d. Below the results list, click the arrow buttons to navigate through the results. Choose whether each page should display 20, 50, or 100 results each.
  • (fixed) On Reports > Sales Team Analysis:
    a. Columns automatically fit to the width of their contents.
    b. Values display correctly when there is an Add-on value, but not Total values (e.g. when the original sale item was returned).
    c. When refreshing the web page, values display for the date range selected.
  • (fixed) On the Sales Team Analysis report, the Add-on $ metric displays total sales dollars (excluding target categories, serialized items, and labor items) divided by the number of sales, includes uncategorized products, and does not include hidden transactions.

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) Automatic backups, scheduled report and QuickBooks General Ledger Summary (IIF) file deliveries, multi-store functions, and all uploads to Stratus are controlled by the Ascend.Rms.Agent Windows Service. An Ascend login on the server computer is no longer required.
  • (new) Search performance is improved in transactions and Database Explorer > Products, Vendor Products, Orders, and Sales.
  • (new) In Database Explorer > Reservations > Rental Products > Rental Items (lower pane), click the Sell button to create an inventory (stock) adjustment to return the selected item(s) to your store’s stock so it can be sold to customers.
  • (new) In Database Explorer > Customers, users can customize and filter their grid view.
  • (new) Retailer availability on Trek’s website updates continuously. Stock quantities no longer use limited daily snapshots.
  • (new) (multi-store retailers) On the Remote Product Lookup dialog box:
    a. When accessed from a Quote, click Request Product and Add to Sale to convert to a Sale and add the product.
    b. Click a column title to sort its values.
    c. When accessed by right-clicking a sale item, the product is automatically selected.
    d. Transfers requested from a transaction cannot exceed the selected sale item’s quantity.
    e. Serialized items requested from a transaction cannot have a quantity greater than one.
    f. Right-click a sale item in the Work Order Details dialog box to access.
    g. Sale Item Comments are copied to the Transfer Item, and vice versa.
  • (new) Check Options > Receipts > Extra Receipt Options > Print Tax Details to display a breakdown of all tax rates and amounts applied to the transaction. Uncheck Options > Receipts > Extra Receipt Options > Print Tax if you do not wish to display any tax totals on receipts.
  • (new) (Trek retailers) Updates to APPLE pricing automatically send when a Vendor Order is submitted. Manual updates are no longer available. In Options > Trek > APPLE > Barcode Type dropdown, select None to disable APPLE label updates.
  • (new) On a Reservation:
    a. Click the Rent All button to add all displayed Rental Items or (multi-store retailers) the Rent All Local button to add all displayed Rental Items which are available at the current location. The Reservation is automatically saved.
    Sherpa tip: Up to 999 Rental Items may be added to a Reservation. A customer must be assigned to the Reservation when using Rent All. Rent All cannot be used when Ascend is in Offline mode.
    b. When a Rental Item has been checked in, click the Sell icon (green shopping cart) to create an inventory (stock) adjustment to return the selected item(s) to your store’s stock so it can be sold to customers.
    Sherpa tip: Converting a Rental Item to inventory cannot be undone. (multi-store retailers) Rental Items cannot be sold on remote Reservations.
  • (new) (multi-store users) In a user record:
    a. The Users - Edit Local Users permission is renamed Users - Edit Local User Permissions and allows the employee to edit permissions for users active at the current location only.
    Sherpa tip: This permission is included in the Administrator List permission template.
    b. Check Users - Create Local Users to allow the employee to create new users or edit existing users who are active at the current location only.
    Sherpa tip: Users with the Users - Edit Local Users permission automatically receive this permission on upgrade. This permission is included in the Manager List and Administrator List permission templates.
  • There’s a lot of text here. Need a break? Are you a dog person, a cat person, or maybe you prefer something else?
  • (new) (QuickBooks users) General Ledger Summary exports (IIF files) can be imported into the Canadian and 2019 version of QuickBooks.
  • (new) If the Ascend.Rms.Agent Windows Service is not running on the server computer, users receive a Services Down notification and may restart the Service in the Ascend Service Status dialog box.
  • (new) On the Reconcile Inventory screen, the Analyze function does not automatically run when a product is viewed or edited.
  • (new) On the Reservations Center screen, click the Quick Add button (on the toolbar) to automatically check out all Reservation Items when saving the Reservation. Check Options > Reservations > Enable automatic checkout to use Quick Add for all Reservations (regardless of how the Reservation is created).
  • (new) When special order items are split on a Vendor Order, the sale items on the associated transaction are also split. On the Service Center screen, the correct Special Order icons display based on the status of each sale item.
  • (new) (multi-store retailers) Uncheck Options > Ordering > Automatically Pick Transfer Items to require employees to manually mark transfers from a Vendor Order as Picked (reserved) before they’re sent to another location.
    Sherpa tip: This option is checked by default.
  • (fixed) When creating users:
    a. Removed (hidden) users are excluded when checking for duplicate users.
    Sherpa tip: Users cannot be restored if their name, initials, or password is a duplicate of another user.
    b. The correct warning message displays when a user’s name, initials, or email address are in use (e.g. Initials already in use does not display when the email address entered is the duplicate value).
  • (fixed) On the Edit Serial Number dialog box, type in the Space field to select a value.
  • (fixed) When Case Qty is modified from a Vendor Order, the changes reflect on the Order Item regardless of how the change was made.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) On the Check-In Transfers screen, transfer items can be split when they are received.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) Country information for customers and users is shared between locations.
  • (fixed) On Vendor Orders, Session information (in the Receiving History dialog box) always records when items are received.
  • (fixed) Canadian retailers can configure QBP order integration.
  • (fixed) When Options > Sales and Returns > Work Order > Scheduling > By Time is selected, new Work Order Details automatically select the next Due Date which has sufficient time available.
  • (fixed) (multi-store retailers) Performance is improved when transfer items are automatically marked Picked (e.g. when an order item to be transferred to another location is received on a Vendor Order).
  • (fixed) On the Select Customer dialog box (when assigning a customer to a transaction or reservation), removed (hidden) customers do not display.
  • (fixed) When a serialized product (e.g. a bike) is added to a Work Order transaction or Work Order Detail, it is automatically selected as the Repair Item, regardless of vendor/brand.

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