Release Notes (Early Release)

October 2021 Early Release 1

Software 21.5.127 / Database Schema 95.1 (no change)

Ingenico iSC Touch 250 Device Configuration: 21.4.1 / Firmware: (no change)

Ingenico Lane 7000 Device Configuration: 21.4.0 / Firmware: 6.81.9 (no change)

Release Date: October 16, 2021

Ascend RMS Client

  • (new) In Database Explorer > Customers, there is a Show All button prompt when loading a large amount of records.
  • (new) For Vendor Orders, performance is improved in Database Explorer > Orders.
  • (new) For Vendor Orders, Order Items’ margin data displays calculating until available while the rest of the screen loads.
  • (fixed) In a transaction, Serialized items that are returned by editing the quantity to negative (from 1 to -1) with in-cell editing remove the customer association with that serial number and does not continue to associate that item with the customer’s record. 

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