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Install Ascend on a new workstation

When adding or replacing a computer in your shop, you probably want to be able to use Ascend on it. Luckily, we've made it easy for you to set up Ascend on your new workstation!

Install a new workstation

Check What are the minimum hardware requirements for Ascend? to ensure your computer meets your needs for running Ascend.

If your store’s server requires replacement, you must schedule your upgrade with an Ascend support technician (phone: 877-875-8663, or This process can take up to three hours and Ascend cannot be used during this time. So, please schedule at least one week in advance.

Make sure the computer is part of your network group

1. Go to the Network and Sharing Center on your computer. 
2. Select Change advanced sharing settings.
3. Expand the Private section.
     a. Check Turn on network discovery.
     b. Check Turn on file and printer sharing

4. Expand the All Networks section.
     a. Check turn off password protected sharing
5. Click Save Changes

You can easily see if your computer is available on your network group by follow these steps:
  • Select the folder icon on your computer's taskbar.
  • Click Network on the left.
  • Under Computers, you should see the names for your other computers appear. 

Install Ascend on the workstation

1. Download the appropriate Ascend Client installer (log into
2. Select the file. You may be asked if you want to run it. Click Yes.
6. Follow the Ascend install prompts to add Ascend to this computer.

Once it's installed, you should be able to select the Ascend program. When the program opens, it will notify you that it is not connected to the server.

Connect to the Server computer

1. Get the name of the server computer. You might recognize it in the Network folder on your workstation.
     a. Otherwise, go the server computer.
     b. Select the Start icon on the server computer
     c. Type system and select System from the results.
     d. Under the section Computer, domain, and workgroup settings, you'll see computer name with the server's name next to it. 

2. Go back to the new computer.
3. In Ascend on the new workstation, select Show Servers.
4. Select Add.
5. Type in the server computer's name.
6. Select Save

Ascend will search for, and hopefully connect to, the server computer in your shop. If it is not able to find the server by name, call the Ascend Support Team.

Your computer may need to be connected using the server's IP Address, or there might be a networking issue on the new workstation. 

Set up a unique workstation name for the new computer

It's important to assign a name to each workstation in your shop so that they can be easily identified on reports, workstation specific options can be configured, and you can easily cash out your registers at the end of the day.

Learn how to set up a new workstation name now.  

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Q: How do I get to the Network and Sharing Center on my computer?
A: Click the start menu on your computer and start typing Network and Sharing CenterSelect the Network and Sharing Center from the results.

Additional Resources

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