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I forgot my username or password for Ascend Analytics

Sherpa tip: Ascend Analytics is a legacy platform which will soon be replaced by Ascend HQ. If you're not already using this platform, see the Access Ascend HQ article for more details.

The Ascend Analytics (AA) passwords are encrypted, so there's no way for us to look them up. But we can help you reset your credentials in just a few steps.

If you already have an active account

The Ascend support team can reset your password or look up your username for AA. 
Click here to email us at from your registered email (providing your name, shop name, and the best number to reach you at - just in case!), and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

If do not have an active account

Contact the person at your shop with the Owner account in AA. They can help get your started.

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