I forgot my user name or password for Ascend Online Reports

Sherpa tip: Ascend Online Reports (AOR) is a legacy platform which will soon be replaced by Ascend HQ. If you're not already using this platform, see the Access Ascend HQ article for more details.

Your login information for Ascend Online Reports (AOR) is the same as your login information for Ascend! 

It is both case sensitive and must have the same spacing as your normal Ascend username and password. 

How do I get to the AOR website?

You can get to AOR from the Ascend program, or by saving (or copying) the URL in your web browser. To get there from Ascend:

1. Select the Reports icon on the Ascend desktop.

2. Select the AOR icon near the top of the reports window. 

3. The AOR homepage opens in your default web browser. Since you entered through Ascend, you are already logged into AOR.

What if I forgot my Ascend login information?

If you've forgotten your Ascend login information, someone with Ascend administrator permissions (such as a manager or owner, depending on your store's policies) can view and edit your Ascend User information.

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