How do warranties work?

A warranty is a written guarantee, given to the customer from a vendor, promising to fix or replace an item if it is damaged in a specific time period. The type of damages covered may be specific to the warranty.

The vendor who issued the warranty needs to be contacted directly for a warranty claim and they will decide the next steps (to fix or replace the item). 

If you are processing a warranty for a Trek product, there's a specific process for those items. Learn about it here.

However, there are a few steps you can take to keep Ascend up-to-date during the warranty claim process. 

When a customer brings in a damaged item with a warranty

The first thing you need to do is log the item in Ascend:

1. Create a Return in Ascend.
2. You can either add the product(s) by scanning the receipt and checking the item after selecting Return, or by scanning/searching for the item in the transaction screen.
3. Verify the item(s) has a negative quantity.
4. Double-click the item to edit it.
5. Check the Warranty box.

6. Select Save.
7. The Warranty Item window opens.

8. Update the status if needed.
9. Enter any details of the warranty and the damage to the item.
10. Select Save

Then you should save proof of the purchase:

1. Select View > Customers from the Ascend desktop.
2. Find and highlight the customer.
3. In the lower part of the window, select the History tab.
4. Expand the Completed Transactions folder.
5. Double-click the transaction where the item was originally sold.
6. Print a physical receipt.
     a. Make sure the Print icon is active.
     b. Select Save in the transaction.
7. Or save the receipt as a file.
     a. Select File > Print Preview.
     b. Select the Save icon.

     c. Choose where you'd like to save it, update the filename if needed, and select Save
     d. You can also select the Email icon to send a copy to the customer. 

Finally, you'll need to revisit and resolve the issue:

1. Select the Reports icon from the Ascend desktop.
2. Find the Warranty folder on the left and expand it.
3. Double-click the  Warranty Items report.
4. Fill out the Filters window.

     a. Select the Status you are investigating in from the drop-down menu.
     b. Indicate the Date Range you are searching for.
     c. Specify a Vendor, if needed.
5. Click OK.
6. The results display.
7. Double-click on an item to edit the Warranty Item window.
8. If needed, update the Status or comments for that item. 
9. If needed, select the Adjust Inventory button to remove the item from your store's inventory. 

When staff find a damaged inventory item with a warranty

1. Select Create > Inventory Adjustment from the Ascend desktop.
2. Use the search bar at the top of the window to find the item.
3. If needed, select the item from the search results.
4. In the Type drop-down menu, select Warranty.
5. In the Action drop-down menu, select Decrease.
6. Verify the cost in the Unit Cost field.
7. Update the Quantity field.
8. If the item is serialized, fill out the Serial Number field.
9. Enter a description of the warranty issue in the Comments field.
10. Click Save to remove the product from inventory.

Inventory Adjustments can be viewed at any time be selecting View > Inventory Adjustments from the Ascend desktop.

Sherpa tip

Employees need the user permissions Inventory Adjustments - Add checked to create an inventory adjustment.

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