How do I process Trek warranties?

To warranty a product from Trek, a specific setup is needed in Ascend. You will need to create and use:
  • A specific labor product to charge for repairs and replacements
  • A warranty customer account to track claims in Ascend

Prep your database to process Trek warranties

Set up the labor SKU for Trek warranties:
1. Click Create > Product from the Ascend desktop.
2. Set the following attributes:
     a. DescriptionTrek Warranty
     b. CategoryLabor
     c. MSRPmaximum labor change allowed
     d. Check the box for Non Inventory.

3. Click Save.

Set up the warranty customer for Trek warranties: 
1. Select Create > Customer from the Ascend desktop.
2. Set these attributes:
     a. Account TypeCompany
     b. First NameTrek
     c. Last NameWarranty
     d. CompanyTrek Warranty
3. For the Address, fill in your store address (including city, state, and zip code).
4. Set up Purchase on Account.
     a. Select Active from the Status drop-down menu.
     b. Set the Credit Limit field to $99,999,999.00.

5. Click Apply or Save.

Once these are set up, you can process with any warranty claims for Trek products. Here's the major "milestones" in a Trek warranty claim process:

Contact Trek Warranty Support

Call or email Trek's Warranty support and confirm these items:
  • The customer's warranty plan is valid
  • Repairs are covered 
  • The intended work is approved
  • Obtain the claim number

Record the claims details in Ascend

1. Create a new Work Order in Ascend.
2. Assign the work order to the customer: Warranty, Trek
3. Fill out the Work Order Detail.
     a. Select the Add icon by the Serial # field. Add a Description and a Serial Number. Then click Save.

     b. Add the trek warranty labor SKU to the Work Order Detail.
     c. If needed, add a Due Date or any other SKUs that might be needed.
     d. Select Save or Save & Print
4. If applicable, add any discounts to the Work Order.
5. In the comments field, write down:
  • The customer's name
  • The claim number
  • The bike serial number

Submit the claim to Dexter

Claims need to be submitted through Dexter within 60 days of completing the Work Order!

1. Log into Dexter
2. Select the Services tab.
3. Click Claim Creator and Review.
4. Select Start Claim.
5. Complete the claim information and submit it.

Charge the store's warranty customer account

1. Open the Work Order you created earlier (for customer Warranty, Trek).
2. Select the Account icon from the payment types.
3. Verify the purchaser is TREK WARRANTY.
4. Enter the claim number in the Purchase Order # field.

5. Click Save
6. Check the box for Keep Transaction Open in the Change Due window.


After a claim has been reimbursed to your shop by Trek, you can enter that information into Ascend.

1. Select Tools > Purchase on Account > Manage from the Ascend desktop.
2. Double-click the customer: Warranty, Trek.
3. Check the box next to the Work Order that was reimbursed by Trek.

4. Select the payment type Check.
5. Enter the check number.
6. Select Save

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