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Download coupons using the Coupon Wizard

When there are coupons that a number of retailers will need (e.g. Trek Connect Retail Marketing, recalls), the Ascend team will be able to create them in a central repository. The Coupon Wizard utility allows you to simply download coupons from this repository.

To begin, select the View menu (from the Ascend Desktop) > Payment Types.

Then, click Coupon in the upper pane to display all coupons configured in your system. On the lower toolbar, click Download.

In the Coupon Wizard, check the coupons you want to add to your system. Choose the appropriate tax option according to your local tax laws. Always check your local and state tax laws before overriding tax rates. You may be liable for paying sales tax even if you did not collect it from the customer(s).

  • Pre-Tax: Coupon value is deducted before tax is calculated.
  • Post-Tax: Coupon value is deducted after tax is calculated.

Click Download. A confirmation prompt displays when the coupons are added to your system. You can then make any adjustments you’d like. If you’re a multi-store retailer, coupons automatically share across all your locations, so you only need to download once!

Is the coupon you want greyed out? The Coupon Wizard looks for coupons that are already in your system with the same Code – existing coupons can’t be re-downloaded. If you’re not seeing the coupon, check Show Hidden (on the lower toolbar). Restore or adjust as needed.

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