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Did you know that customers can choose to return products that they purchased on the Trek Bikes website to a local Trek retailer? And when they do, the process is going to be different than it is for a regular return. 

Return the product on Dexter

The number one thing to remember is that items sold on should not be returned in Ascend! Do not process refunds for these items through Ascend, 

1.  Log into Dexter.
2. Select the Order tab.
3. Select Consumer Returns under the tab.
4. Complete and submit the consumer returns form.
5. Print a confirmation page for the customer. 
6. Let the customer know that a refund will be issues to their original credit card.

If the customer wishes to exchange the product for a new one, you can create a new sale for the new item, as normal. It will require a new payment from the customer (as Trek Bikes will be refunding their previous payment).

Add the product to your inventory in Ascend

1. Create a Vendor Order for the vendor Trek Bicycle Corporation.
2. Add the product to the order.
3. In the Order Header, fill out:
     a. Vendor Order # field should contain the Order No from the Dexter form.
     b. Select Submitted (website) from the Order Status field drop-down menu.

     c. Double click on the item to open the Edit Order Item window.
     d. Fill in the Comment field with what happened.

5. Receive and complete the order. 

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