Sign up for text alerts when there's an Ascend service issue

When an Ascend service goes down, we know that has a huge effect on your business. If you think something might be down, we have several ways you can find the status of all of our services:

  • Check the Ascend Service Health Status page on our website. Services are color-coded so you can see their status at a glance.
  • Follow @AscendStatus on Twitter. Sherpa Tip: You can set up SMS (text) message notification for tweets by specific accounts you follow on Twitter.
  • Keep an eye on the Ascend Customer Network (ACN, or Yammer) for service alert announcements. Sherpa Tip: You should already automatically receive email notifications for these announcements.

But what if you want to receive status alerts by SMS message, but you don’t want a Twitter account? No problem!

  1. Send an SMS message to the number 40404.
  2. In the message field, enter Follow AscendStatus, then send.
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation message within a few minutes.
  4. You’ll receive an SMS message every time we tweet about a service issue.

Decide you don’t want to receive these messages any more? Just send another message to 40404 with the message OFF @AscendStatus.

Not in the US? You can still sign up! Find your local number in Twitter’s Help Center.

Please note: Your mobile provider may charge for incoming SMS messages. Check your plan first to avoid unpleasant surprises.


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