Ascend requirements for hardware & peripherals

In addition to ensuring your hardware meets these specifications, most electronics (including computers) have a maximum lifespan of three to five years. Even if your equipment is still working properly after this timeframe, it can quickly become outdated and stop working with modern software (e.g. Microsoft Windows® updates), so be sure to plan your replacements accordingly!

Use this article to check minimum system requirements and view hardware layouts. (US only) Click below to order Ascend-supported hardware or accessories (e.g. receipt paper, labels):

All purchases of new equipment are backed by the full manufacturer’s warranty. And we make it even easier for you – if we can’t fix it, we’ll send you a new item and navigate the manufacturer’s process ourselves. Plus, get great financing options based on the amount you spend!


To check your processor and RAM details, right-click the Windows Start menu and choose System.

Remember, these are the bare minimum requirements to run Ascend. To get the best performance from your system, we recommend using higher specifications than those listed.

Your server (database) computer runs your entire store, and as such, should have significantly higher speeds than your workstations. While we don’t recommend running an actual server (for most stores, that’s far more power than you actually need), you should ensure the computer has ample capacity to control all of your workstations. Your server computer should be used ONLY for Ascend.

If your store’s server requires replacement, you must schedule your upgrade with an Ascend Support technician (phone: 877-875-8663, Option 1/email: This process can take up to three hours, and Ascend cannot be used during this time. Please schedule at least one week in advance so that we can ensure we have adequate coverage to assist other retailers!

Microsoft® Excel is required on at least one computer.

Computer monitors must use a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 768.

Other hardware and/or computer configurations may work with Ascend, but are not tested (and may stop working unexpectedly) or supported by Ascend Support.

Server (Database) Computer


Operating system



Hard drive

Windows® 10 Professional (64-bit)

  • i7 3.0 GHz
  • 9th generation

16 GB

  • 256 GB SSD
  • Dual drives (not RAID)

Workstation (Register) Computer


Operating system



Hard drive

Windows® 10 Professional (64-bit)

  • i5 2.5 GHz
  • 9th generation

8 GB

256 GB SSD

Certified Peripherals


Hardware Type

Supported Model(s)

Receipt Printer

  • EPSON® TM-T88V USB Thermal Line Receipt Printer
  • EPSON® TM-T88VI USB Thermal Line Receipt Printer

Barcode Label Printer

  • Zebra® ZD410 Direct USB Thermal Desktop Printer
  • Zebra® ZD410 Ethernet Thermal Desktop Printer


Hardware Type

Supported Model(s)

Corded Barcode Scanner

  • Zebra®/Motorola LS2208 USB Barcode Scanner
  • Zebra®/Motorola DS4308-DL USB Barcode Scanner (can scan driver’s licenses and smartphone screens)
  • Zebra®/Motorola DS4608-DL USB Barcode Scanner (can scan driver’s licenses and smartphone screens)  

Cordless Barcode Scanner

  • Zebra®/Motorola LI4278 USB Barcode Scanner
  • Zebra®/Motorola DS8178-DL USB Barcode Scanner (can scan driver’s licenses and smartphone screens) 

Inventory Scanner

  • Zebra®/Motorola MC2180 Mobile Computer
  • Unitech EA500 Plus Android Computer
    Scanners must be purchased from Ascend to install the AscendScan software.

Payment Processing

Hardware Type

Supported Model(s)

Cash Drawer

  • APG® Series 100 Cash Drawer (requires a supported receipt printer)

Payment Terminal

  • Ingenico iSC Touch 250
  • Ingenico Lane 7000
    Terminals must be purchased from Ascend for proper encoding.

Customer Displays

See payment terminals (above).


Hardware Type

Supported Model(s)

Internet Connection

  • 5 Mbps downstream (download)/2 Mbps upstream (upload)
    Sherpa Tip: Internet providers quote maximum possible speeds. Estimate your actual connection speed at

    Do not run Ascend workstations over a wireless (wifi) network.

    However, a secured wireless connection to your network is required to use the Unitech EA500Plus inventory scanner with AscendScan 4.0.

    Domain networks are not supported, and may not function properly.

SD Card

  • 2 GB microSD card (maximum 32 GB)

Receipt Paper

  • 3 1/8" Thermal Transfer Printer Paper

Barcode Labels

  • 2.3" X 1" Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels


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