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Find my "top" customers

It's nice to know and acknowledge your top customers. Whether you simply want to tell them "thanks for your patronage" or you want to send them an extra coupon - there are a couple ways you can figure out who "they" are.

View top customers by number of visits

1. Select the Reports icon in Ascend.
2. Find the Customer section on the left side of the window.
3. Double-click the Top customers by visits report.
4. A Date Range prompt opens and you can set a specific date range.

5. Click OK.
6. A prompt to Enter # of customers appears. Fill in the number of customers you want in the results.

7. Click OK.

Your results display. You can double-click a customer's name to open their customer record. You can also print, email, or export your results. 

View top customers by sales dollars

1. Select the Reports icon in Ascend.
2. Then select Cust. Query to open the Customer Query Tool.
3. Specify a Date Range in the top row (such as YTD, month, or quarter).
4. Under Return Set in the top row, select Top by Number or Top by Percent. and fill in the field when it becomes active (for example, select Top by Number and set the field to '10' to see your top 10 customers).

5. Select Execute.

Your results display and you can also print, email, or export the list as needed.


Report results can be exported into an Excel file and used to email the customers. Just highlight the entire Email column in the Excel document and right-click to select Copy.

Then create an email in Ascend. Go to the To: field and right-click to Paste the emails from the Excel document. Now, set up your email like normal.

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