See sales totals for my customers (like what they owe us, what we owe them, and what they've spent over time)

You can easily identify if a customer has an outstanding balance, or has credit, at your store. Whether you're in a transaction or in the customer's record, Ascend makes it easy.

There are multiple locations where you can view:
  • Sales - their total for completed sales
  • Layaways - their total balance for open sales
  • Work Order - their total balance in the service center
  • Deposits - their available deposit balance
  • Gift Cert - their available Gift Certificate balance (which should be in parentheses, indicating a negative balance where the shop owes them money)
  • In-Store Credit - their available In-Store Credit balance (which should also be in parentheses, indicating a negative balance where the shop owes them money) 
  • Balance - they customer's outstanding Layaway/Word Order balances minus any Deposit/In-Store Credit balances. This indicates "what things come out to" overall. 

In the customer record

Just navigate to Database Explorer > Customers and find your customer.

If you highlight the customer's name, you can see their account balances along the bottom of the window.

If you double-click a customer's name to open their customer record, you can see the same information on the lower right.

In a transaction

If you're in a transaction, make sure to attach a customer to the sale. Then, look in the lower right portion of the window, under the Sales tab, to see their balances.

Sherpa Tip

Items in parentheses such as ($xx.xx) indicate a negative value where the shop owes money to the customer, like with In-Store Credit, Gift Certificates, and returns.

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