Send inventory & pricing information to Locally

Locally enables online shoppers to find, reserve, and purchase in-stock products from brand sites, Facebook, your website, and Send your inventory and pricing information from Ascend to easily update your inventory on Locally.

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System Setup


  1. Log into your Locally retailer account.
    Sherpa Tip: To set up your retailer account, navigate to, click Sign Up, select your company from the Company Name drop-down, and complete the quick account claim process.
  2. On the sidebar, click Inventory > Upload Inventory.

  3. In the Overview & Integration Methods section, click Email Method.
    Sherpa Tip: Email is automatically configured for all locations. The email address(es) for your inventory feed displays in bold text.


  • Verify Ascend is on the latest version.
  • Configure a workstation or system email account.
  • Keep vendor products up-to-date using Ascend-formatted updates (available on
  • Keep your inventory values accurate by performing regular cycle counts.

Save & Schedule Inventory Feed

Multi-store retailers: Reports must be saved & scheduled separately for each location.

  1. Save the Inventory & Pricing Feed query (available on to your computer (e.g. the Windows® Desktop).
  2. Run the query; see the How do I run a custom query? article for details.
  3. On the toolbar, click Save.

  4. Enter Locally Inventory & Pricing Feed and click OK. The report saves in the My Queries folder of Reports.

  5. On the toolbar, click Delivery.

  6. Configure your desired delivery method(s); see the How do I deliver reports automatically? article for details.

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