Send inventory & pricing information to Locally

Locally enables online shoppers to find, reserve, and purchase in-stock products from brand sites, Facebook, your website, and Send your inventory and pricing information from Ascend to easily update your inventory on Locally.

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System Setup


  1. Claim and set up your Locally account.
  2. Set up your inventory feed via email.
    a. Log into your Locally retailer account.
    b. On the sidebar, click Inventory > Inventory Feed Setup.

    c. Click Email Method. The email address(es) for your inventory feed are automatically configured - (multi-store retailers) addresses for each location display in bold text.


Save & Schedule Inventory Feed in Ascend RMS

Multi-store retailers: Reports must be saved & scheduled separately for each location.

  1. On your Ascend server, save and run the Inventory & Pricing Feed query. The query is available on the Ascend Retailer Portal. Click here to navigate to Downloads > Queries > Ascend Custom Query_Locally Inventory and Pricing Feed.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Save button and enter Locally Inventory & Pricing Feed.

  3. Click the OK button. The report saves in the My Queries folder of Reports.

  4. If you wish to sync your inventory information to Locally more than once a day (up to every two hours), copy this query the number of times you wish to update.
    For example: If your store is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and you wish to sync inventory information every two hours, create six copies of the query. Schedule these for delivery at 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 8:00 pm, and 11:00 pm (to ensure any changes made after close are accounted for).
    a. Run the saved Locally Inventory & Pricing Feed query.
    b. On the toolbar, click the Save button.

    c. On the Replace Current Query prompt, click the No button.

    d. Enter Locally Inventory & Pricing Feed-2 and click the OK button.

  5. On the toolbar, click Delivery and configure delivery by email in Excel format using the Locally email address for your location.

Schedule Locally Inventory & Pricing Feed in Ascend HQ

1. Go to Ascend HQ > Settings

2. Select Scheduled Reports and Exports

3. Choose the Locally Inventory & Pricing Feed (default format is XLSX for Microsoft Excel and cannot be changed at this time)

4. Choose Location (one allowed at a time)

5. Enter Locally email address from Locally Store configuration

6. Enter CC email address (if desired)

7. Choose Frequency (most will choose Daily)

8. Choose Time of Day (most will select the report multiple times for different times of day to send out inventory multiple times per day)

9. Test delivery of report (if desired)

10. Save

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