Install a new workstation

Check What are the minimum hardware requirements for Ascend? to ensure your computer meets your needs for running Ascend.

If your store’s server requires replacement, you must schedule your upgrade with an Ascend support technician (phone: 877-875-8663, Option 1/email: This process can take up to three hours, and Ascend cannot be used during this time. Please schedule at least one week in advance so that we can ensure we have adequate coverage to assist other retailers!

  • Configure Windows® to our recommended settings. This will head off most setup problems from the start!
  • Install and configure the Ascend client.
  • Add and assign unique workstation names to each computer. Not only will this give you better reporting, but most peripherals require a separate workstation name so that they can set their options correctly.
  • Install and configure any peripherals the workstation needs.
    a. Plug in and set up barcode scanners.
    b. Install an Epson receipt printer. (optional) Add a logo to your receipts.
    c. If you have a cash drawer, simply plug it into your receipt printer and make sure you check Options > Sales and Returns > General > Workstation has Cash Drawer.
    d. Ingenico payment terminal. (optional) Display custom images on the screen.
    e. Install a Zebra label printer.
  • Run through a “fake” transaction (e.g. no products and a $0 cash payment) to verify everything’s working as expected before you have a line of customers in front of you!
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