Get started with Trek Connect E-Commerce

Locally integration will be available in the April 2021 version of Ascend (scheduled for 28 April, 2021).

For full details on the Trek Connect E-Commerce program, see Trek’s B2B site.

Trek Connect E-Commerce uses the Locally platform. See the Get started with Locally integration article for details on setting up this service.

Q: How do I display my product availability on

A: Product availability uses the Locally inventory & pricing feed. See the Send inventory & pricing information to Locally article for details.

Sherpa tip: Be sure to read Trek’s General Internet Sales Policy (GISP) and sign/return the internet rider to ensure you’re approved

Q: How do I account for Trek Connect E-Commerce sales?

A: Sales from use the Locally platform. See the Process eCommerce sales article for details.

Q: How do I handle Trek Connect E-Commerce returns or exchanges?

A: If the order was reserved and paid in-store (ROPIS), simply process the return or exchange as normal. If the order was fully paid online (BOPIS), process the return through Locally.

Q: How do I account for service commission payments?

A: All sales from are processed through Locally using your stock levels. All payments (less sales tax) deposit to your account. Trek no longer processes sales or fulfills orders, and service commission is no longer necessary.

Q: Are customer bikes automatically registered for Trek Care?

A: Bike registration for Trek Connect E-Commerce/Locally orders follow the same process as those bought in-store. For details, see the Register Bikes with Trek during transactions article.

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