Get started with Trek Connect E-Commerce

For full details on the Trek Connect E-Commerce program, see Dexter.

Q: How do I display my stock levels on Trek's website?

All Trek retailers in participating locales are automatically enrolled in the Retailer Product Availability program - there is no specific setup to perform. See How do I display my product availability on for details.

Q: How do I account for Trek Connect E-Commerce sales?

A: Record only bike builds in Ascend. Since Trek processes all payments and taxes and the customer's order is shipped to your store (does not come from your inventory), recording these sales in Ascend inaccurately reflects your margins and/or sales amounts for tax reporting. See How do I account for bikes bought on for details.

Q: How do I handle Trek Connect E-Commerce returns or exchanges?

A: Process all refunds through Dexter. If the customer wishes to exchange the item for a product in your stock, process the in-stock item as a normal sale with a separate payment from the customer. See How should I do a return for an item bought on for details.

Q: How do I account for service commission payments?

A: Do not account for service commissions in Ascend. Record these payments in your accounting software. If you use the Trek invoice download service, notify of the account assignments you wish to use for service commission credits.

Q: Are customer bikes automatically registered for Trek Care?

A: No. Register the customer's bike on Dexter, or provide the dealer with the link to register it themselves.

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