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Reconcile inventory

During a full-store inventory (or cycle count) the first thing you need to do is scan your products, and then move that data from the scanner onto your computer.  

Once you've imported those files into Ascend, it's time to analyze the results and fix any discrepancies.

Once everything is done, you can reconcile.

Note: Reconciling your inventory counts from the Inventory Center hides the Inventory Event.

Before you reconcile

Look back over everything and make sure you're comfortable with the results (namely, the New qty column). Once you hit that reconcile button, it can not be undone!

Then click Analyze. This updates and saves any changes you've made. Your Discrepancies should clear up at this point.

Let's reconcile your inventory!

1. Once you're done and feeling good about what's on your screen, you can select Reconcile
2. Select Yes on the pop-up to confirm you want to reconcile the inventory. 
3. You'll be prompted to print the Inventory by Category summary report, which you can use for comparison between your "pre-inventory" and "post-inventory" values. 
4. Create a database backup by selecting File > Backup on the Ascend desktop.
5. Download the post-inventory shrink adjustments query (here or from our website).
6. Open the document and copy all available text.
7. Select Reports > SQL Query in Ascend.
8. Paste the text in the upper portion of the screen.
9. Select Execute.
10. You'll get a date prompt. These dates should correspond with the date of your last full-store inventory and the current
 full-store inventory.
11. Then click OK.

The results will display. You can export the results to Excel by selecting the Export icon, if needed. 

If you want to know your total shrink value for this full-store inventory, export the report to Excel and then add up the Monetary Change column to get the total value.

Additional Resources

Video: Inventory 6: Reconcile and analyze results  

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