Set up Gift Cards in my shop

Trek’s gift card program is a great way to increase foot traffic, give your customers more options, and boost holiday sales.

We offer two options of gift cards for retailers who participate in Trek’s credit card processing program through Chase:
  1. Standard cards printed with your shop's name can be purchased in increments of 250 with folders for $1.00 each. Orders take about 3-4 weeks to process. 
  2. Custom cards printed with text and images of your choice can be purchased in increments of 500 for $1.60 each with folders. Orders take about 3-4 weeks to process. 

If you are Chase integrated

1. Download the gift card order form you'd like to use.
     a. Click here for the Standard card order form.
     b. Click here for the Custom card order form.
2.  Fill out gift card order form.
3. Mail it to or fax it to 920-478-5608.

If you are not Chase integrated

If you are not integrated with Chase, you should consider it! Learn more by chatting with our support team, or filling out the Trek Enrollment Form with Chase. Once you are enrolled, you'll follow the same steps to sign up for gift cards.

If you do not want to enroll with Chase, your shop should use Gift Certificates instead of Gift Cards. See the Sell a Gift Certificate article for details.

What next?

Once you are integrated with Chase, and have received your new Gift Cards from financial services, you need to mark it in Ascend.

1. Navigate to Options > Payment Processing. Your Chase information should be filled out here.
2. Check the box for GIFT under Supported Cards.

3. Click OK or Apply.

Additional Resources

Video: Issue a Gift Certificate 

Video: Issue a Gift Card 


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