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Join the Ascend Customer Network (ACN) on Yammer

The Ascend Customer Network (ACN) is a discussion-oriented forum that connects retailers with the Ascend team and other Ascend retailers.

How can I get on the ACN?

Just click this link. Or go to > Help and select Login to Ascend Customer Network...

Then enter your email address and select Sign up to send a request to join.

Once your request is approved, you’ll get a confirmation email.  

How do you use the ACN?

Discuss any concerns, share solutions, and post relevant images, links, and videos. 

You can also:
  • Join groups
Find users with the same interests as you and join those groups, or if none of the existing groups fit your needs, you can create a new group!

Just select ASCEND CUSTOMER NETWORK over on the left to browse the groups and join any existing groups. 

Or select the Create a New Group button on the right to create a new group.

  • Customize your profile
You can add a profile picture along with contact and location information to share with other users and help you connect.

Select the Settings icon (gear icon near your notifications) > Edit Settings.

  • Modify notifications
Update your settings to enable or limit alerts by going to Settings > Edit Settings > Notifications while signed in and selecting the ACN. 

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