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Set goals in Ascend Analytics

Sherpa tip: Ascend Analytics is a legacy platform which will soon be replaced by Ascend HQ. If you're not already using this platform, see the Access Ascend HQ article for more details.

The following types of goals can be entered in Analytics:

Sales, Tech Center, and Inventory Goals: These goals are entered via the Admin tab.

Financial Goals: These goals are entered by creating a financial budget. The following goal information is included in a budget: Sales, Wages, Marketing, and Expenses.

Sherpa Tip: When goals are added, they are not available in the Analyzer until the next day.

  1. Click the Admin tab, locate the Goals section, and click the Set Store Goals link.

  2. From the Year drop-down menu, select a year.
  3. From the Location drop-down menu, select a location.
  4. From the Goal drop-down menu, select your desired goal area.
  5. From the Metric drop-down menu, select your desired metric.
  6. Update the goal information as required. (If available, last year's monthly goals information displays for the selected metric.)
  7. Click the Submit Goal button.

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