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Scheduled Report Delivery FAQs

Q: How do I schedule a report?

A: See deliver reports automatically for details.

Q: How do I send my report to multiple people?

A: Similar to other areas of Ascend, use a semi-colon for additional emails.

Q: How do I turn off a scheduled report?

A: Find the report you would like to cancel the delivery for, and in the bottom left of the delivery window, click “cancel future deliveries.”

Q: How do I upload to my own private FTP server?

A: Click the FTP tab and properly fill in the information.

Q: Why is the “Delivery” icon not active?

A: Likely you are not on the server computer. In order to schedule reports, you have to be on the server machine.

Q: My report stopped being delivered last week. What gives?

A: If your server machine rebooted or has been restarted, you have to log into Ascend at least once.

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