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Trek integration in Vendor Orders

Note: Try the Cloud Product Catalog for Trek orders. Ascend can be integrated with Trek B2B, which means you can check product availability on Trek B2B without leaving Ascend.  

Set up Trek integration

To integrate with Trek, you need to provide Ascend with your B2B login information in a couple places of Ascend. 

The first is in Options. Navigate to Options > Trek in Ascend. Enter your:

  • Trek B2B Account Number, 
  • Trek B2B User name (use your shops' super user account information), 
  • and Trek B2B Password.

You can also select your Dealer Level here using the dropdown menu, or set your retail pricing (Suggested or Advertised) in the lower right.

Then click Save.

Next, select View > Vendors from the Ascend desktop. Double-click the Trek Bicycle Corportation vendor to edit it (or create the vendor, if needed). 

Use the Integration dropdown on the right to select Trek Bicycle Company. Then enter the same account information that you entered earlier: 

  • Trek B2B Account Number,
  • Trek B2B Password, 
  • and Trek B2B User name (use your shops' super user account information).
  • And click Save.

    Adding order items

    Products can be added to the order the same way you do for any other vendor (including special orders). Or, you can use Trek's Order Grids - similar to the functionality you're used to on Trek B2B.

    However, Trek has a couple special considerations in orders:

    • Bikes and P&A (parts and accessories) must be submitted separately. Be sure to select the appropriate order type (located to the left of the Search bar) before checking availability.
    • Backorders (products you've already ordered from Trek, but which were not in stock with Trek at the time you ordered) CANNOT be managed in Ascend. Log into Trek's B2B site to manage all backorders.
    • Project One (P1) bikes should NOT be ordered through Ascend (however, you should certainly still record these orders in your system!); see the Selling Trek Project One (P1) bikes article for full details on this process.
    • Finally, for new products, use the Cloud Product Catalog

    Check product availability during Purchase Orders

    One advantage of integration is that you can check product availability in Ascend when you're creating your vendor orders. 

    After you've added all the products you plan to order to the Vendor Order screen, simply click the Avail icon to check availability on Trek B2B.

    The in-stock columns display warehouse quantities in the order of Primary - Secondary - Tertiary.

    If a product displays in purple text, scroll to view the message column for that product.

    Submitting an order

    1. Select the Submit icon.

    2. Select Yes on the prompt to save the order. 

    3.Update the Trek order review screen, if needed. You may need to select your shipping method or add a note for your rep.

    4. Select Submit at the bottom of the screen.

    5. Click Save.

    View estimated delivery times

    Once the order is submitted, the Delivery Date column displays the Shipped, Estimated, or Promise date provided from B2B.

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