Export (upload) product information to an eCommerce (SmartEtailing) website

Once you’ve set up product exports, they’ll automatically happen every night. Any active (not hidden) product which has Properties > eCommerce checked is included.

Sherpa Tip: eCommerce is checked by default on all products which were created after you updated to the Winter 2016 version of Ascend. However, if the product existed in your system prior to this update, eCommerce may have gotten unchecked if the product didn't meet the following criteria at the time of upgrade:

  • The product was on an active sales promotion with E-Commerce checked.
  • The product was in stock or had Non Inventory checked.
  • The product was on order (on a vendor order, but Rec'd was not checked).
  • The product had been sold (was on a finished/completed sale) in the previous 90 days.

Manually upload product information

But sometimes, you might need to update your product information during the day – for example, you’ve updated pricing and need to update your products right away.

  1. From the Ascend Desktop, select the Integration menu > eCommerce Export > Upload Files / View History.

  2. On the Ascend RMS Smart Etailing screen, click the Upload File button.
  3. The status of the export displays on a new line.
    Sherpa Tip: You may need to refresh the page in your browser in order to display the current status.

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