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Process a trade-in payment

  1. From the Payment toolbar, click the Trade-In button.
  2. In the Amount field, enter the amount you are giving the customer for their trade-in item.
  3. If you wish to bring the trade-in item into inventory, search for the appropriate product in the In-Store Product field and select it in the lower pane.
  4. From the Apply Amount drop-down, select how the trade-in amount should be applied for taxation calculation.
    Always check your local and state tax laws before overriding tax rates.
    a. Pre-Tax: Coupon value is deducted before tax is calculated.
    b. Post-Tax: Coupon value is deducted after tax is calculated.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. If the trade-in was applied as Pre-Tax, select the product to which the amount should be applied.
  7. If the customer overpaid on the transaction, the Change Due dialog box displays. Click OK to return cash to the customer.

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