Display my product availability on TrekBikes.com

Locally integration will be available in the April 2021 version of Ascend (scheduled for 28 April, 2021).

Trek uses Locally to display retailer availability and allow customers to purchase products online. For details, see the Get started with Locally integration article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often are my stock levels updated?

A: Stock levels update based on your scheduled report, and Locally generally processes updates within 30 minutes (unless your store is experiencing an outage). If you’ve sold out of or received in a product more than 24 hours ago, please contact us to troubleshoot the issue.

If Locally has not received an updated product file in 96 hours, inventory display is "muted." Your location continues to display in local listings, but availability is hidden. Availability restores as soon as an updated file processes. 

Q: Will my quantity in stock be displayed to customers?

A: No. Products will only display “In Stock” (if you have quantity available).

Q: Will my inventory level decrease when a customer purchases a product from Trek’s website?

A: Your store's stock in Ascend updates when the customer's order is imported. Stock levels on Locally update only when a new inventory feed is received.

Q: Can I opt out of this service?

A: This service was designed to drive customers into your store and increase your in-store sales. There is no charge for Locally to display your product availability only. However, you are not required to display your product availability on Trek's website.

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