Display my product availability on TrekBikes.com

Ascend retailers who carry Trek products automatically display their inventory availability on Trek’s consumer website. For full details on this program, see Dexter.

So, how do you get set up? Well, you probably already are! You must be on the July 2019 version of Ascend and have the Ascend RMS Agent service installed and running on your server computer – and if you’re a multi-store retailer and/or using Ascend HQ, this is already done!

But if you want to verify everything is working as expected, start by going into your server computer’s Services - select the start menu on the computer and type Services, then select Services (or view local services) from the results. Find Ascend.Rms.Agent and verify it is Running.

However, in order for customers to see the most accurate information for your store, there are several “best practices” that you’ll want to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often are my stock levels updated?

A: Stock levels are continuously updated throughout the day, so your availability should be accurate within a few minutes of any updates (unless your store is experiencing an outage). If you’ve sold out of or received in a product more than 24 hours ago, please contact us to troubleshoot the issue.

Q: Will my quantity in stock be displayed to customers?

A: No. Products will only display “In Stock” (if you have quantity available), “Ship to Store” (if you do not have the product in stock, but it is available in Trek’s warehouse), or “Contact retailer” (if neither you or Trek has the product in stock).

Q: Will my inventory level decrease when a customer purchases a product from Trek’s website?

A: No. Sales on TrekBikes.com are processed by Trek and are shipped from Trek’s stock, not your store’s. If a customer purchases a bike, see How do I account for bikes bought on TrekBikes.com? for details on how to account for your technicians’ work in Ascend.

Q: Can I opt out of this service?

A: This service was designed to drive customers into your store and increase your in-store sales. There is currently no opt-out option.

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