Help a customer apply for a Trek Card in your store

Ascend is the only point of sale system able to integrate directly with Trek Credit Card processing. Just reach out to Trek Financial Services to get set up. 

Once Trek Financial Services has you set up to accept Trek Cards, Ascend automatically receives your store information - there’s no manual setup required!

Then customers can easily apply for a credit line right in your shop.

1. Make sure the workstation has a working receipt printer (so you can print a temporary Trek Card if the customer is approved).

2. Confirm the customer would like to apply for a Trek Card.

3. Open the application screen by:

  • selecting Integration > Trek > Trek Credit Card from the Ascend desktop,
  • Clicking the Trek CC tile on the Ascend desktop,
  • Or, if you’re already in a transaction, select Customer > Trek Credit Card Application.

4. C

arefully read through all the Steps on your screen!

5. Execute Step 1.

If you don’t have the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement documents on hand, you can print them for the customer by selecting the document name under Step 1.

6. Execute Step 2.

It’s really important to ensure the person applying for credit is who they say they are. Request a photo ID to confirm that the customer is over 18 years old and a US resident.


You can use the ID to easily obtain the customer's birthdate and address. Just make sure to verbally confirm that information with them! This is also a good time to get the customer’s phone number.

8. Execute Step 3. It's important to confirm that the customer has an accepted credit card on hand to use in the application. They will not be charged anything!

9. Then, fill in the major credit card number field with the card information.

10. Have the customer enter their social security number using your keyboard.

11. You can also fill out these optional fields:

  • Annual Income provides additional information on their credit worthiness

  • Purchase Amount if the customer only wants to apply for a specific amount (versus the max amount they’re approved for)


Once you’ve verified the information on the screen with the customer, click Submit.

The customer’s application will be processed immediately.

If the customer does not get an instant approval, that doesn’t necessarily mean they were denied credit - some accounts may require additional verification. The customer will receive a postal letter providing them with either a temporary card or an explanation of their decision.

13. A popup appears letting you know if they were approved, how much credit they were approved for, and their Trek card number. Click OK.

A temporary Trek card prints from your receipt printer. This printed document is the customer’s active credit card until the physical card comes in the mail.

14. Inform the customer that:

  • This paper is an active Trek credit card,
  • Losing this slip of paper is exactly the same as losing their actual credit card,
  • And since it's an active card, they can use it to make purchases today!

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