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Manage users across all multi-store locations

User sharing requires migration of your existing users to the Stratus platform. Migration may take up to two business days (Monday - Thursday) after ALL of your locations (including any Events, Warehouse, or Online locations) have updated to the June 2018 version of Ascend to take effect.

User permissions

Changes to user permissions automatically share between locations. Users cannot have different permissions at different locations.

  • Users with the Users – Edit Local Users permission can adjust user permissions for users who are active at the current location
  • Users with the Users – Master User permission can edit any user at any location.
  • Users with the Users – Edit Local Users permission cannot give themselves the Users – Master User permission.

Managing locations

If the user does not have access to your current location, they are considered “Inactive.” From Database Explorer > Users, click the Inactive button on the toolbar to view these users.

From the Edit User dialog box, click the Locations tab. Check all locations at which the user should have access, then click the Save button.

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