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Get started with Ascend’s Reservations functions

Ascend’s Reservations feature allows you to manage your rental fleet, rates, and customer reservations (including their transaction with all applicable rental charges) right from within the retail management system you know and love!

  1. Configure your Rate Programs.
    a. Create Rate Program.
    b. Add Rates.
  2. Configure your Collections and Rental Products.
    a. Create Collection and assign Rate Programs.
    b. Add Rental Products.
    i. Add manually.
    ii. Import from spreadsheet.
    c. Add Rental Items.
    i. Add manually.
    ii. Import from spreadsheet.
  3. Enter customers’ Reservations.
    a. Reserve products.
    b. (optional) Process customer’s deposit.
    c. Check out products when the customer leaves with them.
    d. Check in products when the customer returns.
    e. Process the customer’s final payment.

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