Prepare the 2018 Bontrager Line Pro pedal recall in Ascend

Ascend makes it easy for you to quickly locate inventory and customers who bought a set of pedals which may be affected. If a customer's pedals are affected, submit a warranty claim and provide them with an in-store credit coupon for use on Bontrager accessories.

For full details on this recall, see the Dexter article.

System setup

  1. Download the in-store credit coupon for the in-store credit using the Ascend Coupon Wizard.
    Sherpa tip: Print labels to keep at all registers for employees to scan easily. Trek is not sending physical coupons - if you wish to create your own coupons, click the Label icon to print a label.

  2. (optional) If you wish to report on repairs performed, configure the replacement tracking SKU.
    a. Download and import the Trek Warranty Bontrager Line Pro Pedal Recall Tracking 2018 spreadsheet (available on under vendor Trek Bicycle Corporation.
    b. Configure the following attributes for the SKU:
    i. SKU = BONTLPP2018
    ii. Do not upload label information = Checked

    c. (optional) Print labels to keep at all registers for employees to scan easily.
    d. When the MSRP Is Not Greater Than Cost prompt displays, click the Yes button.

  3. (QuickBooks® users) If you use the Trek invoice download service, ensure you have an account assigned for both labor and consumer credits.

Customer notification

  1. From the Ascend Desktop, click the Customer Query tile.

  2. From the Report Type dropdown, select Sales.
  3. On the toolbar, check All Dates.
  4. In the Search Field dropdown, select VendorProducts.PartNum.
  5. In the Search Criteria field, enter the appropriate pedal part number.
  6. On the toolbar, click the Execute button.

  7. Contact customers to bring in their pedals for inspection. If a customer's pedals are affected, create a work order for the replacement (see below).

Affected pedal replacement

  1. Create a work order for the customer.
  2. Scan or enter the Bontrager Line Pro Pedal Recall Replacement SKU in the Work Order Details.
  3. Provide the customer with a recall coupon.
  4. (optional) In the transaction Comments field, enter a confirmation that the customer was given the coupon (e.g. Customer given $20 Bontrager coupon for Bontrager Line Pro Pedal Recall.).
  5. Submit a warranty claim on Dexter. Record the Claim Number in the Work Order Details Comments field.
  6. Complete the work order as normal.
  7. (optional) To report on these work orders, use the Customer Query or Product Query utilities.

In-store credit coupon redemption

Redeem the in-store credits as a coupon.

To report on coupon redemptions, use the Payments > Coupon Use History report.

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