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Listen360 Overview with Ascend

Listen360 is a customer engagement platform that helps improve your customer service, build better customer relationships, and increase your reviews and recommendations online. And Ascend is partnered with Listen360 to bring you all these awesome benefits - at no extra cost!

So how does it work?

After visiting your shop, customers are automatically sent a single-question survey between 5-7pm EST the next day. Customers fill out the survey, and your Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) score is calculated automatically. Customers who respond positively are asked to write a short review that can be quickly added to your Google reviews, Facebook page, store website, and more. Customers who respond negatively are flagged so you can review their experience and take action to improve it. Negative reviews are shared publicly.

Why you should use it

1. Around 1 in 10 people nearly always post their own reviews of products and services. With Listen 360, that's tripled, and is more often positive feedback.

2. 82% of adults in North America say they sometimes read online ratings and reviews before purchasing items for the first time. And 50% of adults under 50 do this regularly!

3. Roughly 67% of weekly online shoppers say they nearly always read customer reviews before buying new products.

4. This feature is an over $5,000 value if purchased separately, but it's included for free with your Ascend subscription! 


"Listen360 rocks as much as I thought it would... It is a game changer" - Brian, Jax Bicycle Center

"Loving it so far. We've always done pretty well at getting Google reviews, but I'd say the rate they're coming in now has easily tripled." - Jake, Freewheel Bike

"This is a big one. Not only does it help with online reviews, but it also gives us an opportunity to really know how we're doing. We can adjust where needed AND give praise to the staff for doing awesome during specific interactions with customers. Love, love, love it." - Kristie, Longmont Bicycle Company 

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