Trek Connect Retail Marketing (TCRM) 2019 Project One paint upgrade promotion

Use the Trek Connect Retail Marketing Project One paint upgrade campaign to encourage your customers to customize their own Project One bike. From January 2-31, customers who purchase a Project One bike can receive $500 in free paint upgrades – and you’ll receive a $300 rebate from Trek for each of these upgraded purchases.

See Dexter for full details on this promotion.

System setup

  • Download the Trek Connect Project One Paint Upgrade coupon using the Coupon Wizard utility. Print labels to keep at your cash registers.
    Sherpa Tip: If you're a multi-store retailer, coupons automatically share between all locations, so you only need to download this coupon at one location.
  • Create a category (as a child category of Bikes) which contains the name Project One Upgraded Consumer Bikes. Be sure to check Serialized for this category (this option does not apply to child categories).
    Sherpa tip: You may wish to create multiple categories (e.g. one for road bikes and one for mountain bikes), and they can be placed anywhere in your Bikes hierarchy, but they must include this phrase for proper rebate reporting.
    (multi-store retailers) Categories share between all locations, so you only need to create this category at one location.
  • Download and install the advertising image on your Ingenico payment terminal. Click here to download the campaign images now.

Project One sales

  1. At the time of sale:
    a. Add a Project One placeholder product. Adjust the Price to the full price of the customized bike (this will include the full value of the customer’s paint upgrades).
    b. Edit the sale item adn mark the placeholder as a Special Order so your buyer knows to enter the order.
    Sherpa tip: You may wish to print two copies of the customer’s receipt.
    c. Take any deposit payments that your store requires. If full payment is taken, be sure to select Keep Open on the toolbar.
    Sherpa tip: Do not apply the upgrade coupon yet.
  2. Place the order for the customer’s customized bike on Dexter.
    a. From the Order Detail screen, download the product spreadsheet.
    Sherpa tip: The order spreadsheet is not required at this point.
    b. Make note of the Sales Order and Customer PO information.
  3. Import the P1 product information from Dexter as a vendor product spreadsheet.
  4. Update the customer’s layaway.
    a. Remove the placeholder item and add the product information from Dexter.
    b. Mark the product as a Special Order.
    c. Apply the upgrade coupon.
  5. Record the order in Ascend.
    a. Create a vendor order for Trek Bicycle Corporation.
    b. On the toolbar, click the Reorder button and add the customer’s Special Order.
    c. Ensure the product is assigned to the appropriate Project One Upgraded Consumer Bikes category.
    d. Enter the Sales Order in the Vendor Order # field and the Customer PO in the PO Number field.
  6. When the customer’s bike is received, process the order and finish the sale like any other Special Order.

End-of-sale reporting

Sherpa Tip: Rebate queries will be posted shortly after the promotion ends. Rebate queries are due to Trek by Friday, February 18. Rebate amounts are based on Trek Advertised retail price.

  1. Download and run the TCRM Project One 2019 Consumer Bikes Sold query.
  2. Email the results of the query (in XLSX format) to Trek Customer Care at

FAQs & troubleshooting

Q: Why isn't a bike sold showing on the report?

A: This is generally due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The product is not categorized under a Bikes category (i.e. your parent category name must be Bikes).
  • The product is in a category which does not contain Project One Upgraded Consumer Bikes in its name.
  • The transaction was created or finished on a date outside of the sale dates (January 2-31).
  • The product does not have "Trek Bicycle Corporation" as a vendor.

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