Trek Connect Retail Marketing (TCRM) 2019 Trade up to a Trek disc road bike promotion

Use the Trek Connect Retail Marketing Project One paint upgrade campaign to encourage your customers to trade in their old bike (minimum value of $100) and purchase a new Trek disc road bike by offering them an extra 10% over their trade-in’s Bicycle Blue Book value. Trek will provide you a credit rebate for this extra value.

See Dexter for full details on this promotion.

System setup

  • Download the Trek Connect Disc Road Bike Trade-Up 2019 tracking coupon using the Coupon Wizard utility. Print labels to keep at your cash registers.
    Sherpa Tip: If you're a multi-store retailer, coupons automatically share between all locations, so you only need to download this coupon at one location.
  • If you have not already done so, create a BBB Trade-In custom payment type.
    Sherpa tip: Bicycle Blue Book trade-ins should not be added to your store’s inventory – do NOT use the built-in Trade-In payment type.(multi-store retailers) Payment types do NOT share between locations, so this payment must be created at each participating location.
  • Keep Trek vendor products up-to-date.
  • Ensure all products in stock are properly categorized.
    Sherpa Tip: Categorize products at the time they are received - check Options > Ordering > Check for missing product attributes.
  • Register all bikes sold with Trek.
  • Promotional Trek Card financing rates are automatically available in the Plan Option drop-down menu for Trek Card payments.
  • Download and install the advertising image on your Ingenico payment terminal.

Eligible trade-ins

Sherpa tip: Only current Trek disc road bikes are eligible to receive the extra 10% on trade-ins. Trade-in bikes may be of any model or brand, but must be valued at $100 or more prior to the application of the extra 10%. Trade-in values cannot exceed the price of the new bike.

  1. Use Bicycle Blue Book to determine the value of the trade-in bike. Multiply this value by 1.1.
  2. Create a transaction for the customer and add the Trek disc road bike they are purchasing.
    Sherpa tip: Unless the customer specifically requests otherwise, be sure to choose to register the new bike with Trek. If the new bike must be ordered, be sure to mark it as a special order – special orders will not require a serial number until the order is received.
  3. Apply the tracking coupon to the transaction.
  4. Use the BBB Trade-In payment type to apply a payment with the value from step 1. In the Comments field, enter the Bicycle Blue Book transaction ID.
    Sherpa tip: If the trade-in value is greater than the value of the new bike, enter an amount up to the price of the new bike only – do NOT return change of any kind (including in-store credit).
  5. Complete the transaction as normal.
    Sherpa tip: Print a second copy of the receipt and the Bicycle Blue Book transaction to attach to the trade-in.
  6. Return the trade-in to Bicycle Blue Book for final inspection and assessment.
    Sherpa tip: Submit only the true value of the trade-in to Bicycle Blue Book – do NOT include the additional 10%.

End-of-sale reporting

Sherpa Tip: Rebate queries will be posted shortly after the promotion ends. Rebate queries are due to Trek by Friday, April 19. Rebate amounts are based on the final value as assessed by Bicycle Blue Book.

  1. Download and run the TCRM 2019 Disc Road Bike Trade-In Bikes Sold query.
  2. Email the results of the query (in XLSX format) to Trek Customer Care at
  3. Rebates will be issued once Bicycle Blue Book processes the trade-ins and verifies their value. This may be as late as June 2019.

FAQs & troubleshooting

Q: Why isn't a bike sold showing on the report?

A: This is generally due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The bike sold is not categorized under a Bikes category (i.e. your parent category name must be Bikes).
  • The transaction was created or finished on a date outside of the sale dates (March 1-31).
  • The bike sold does not have Trek Bicycle Corporation as a vendor.
  • The bike sold is not an eligible disc road bike model.
  • The transaction does not contain the tracking coupon.
  • The transaction does not contain the BBB Trade-In payment type.

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