Send inventory and sales data to Specialized using S_Connect

S_Connect allows you to display your shop's product availability on Send your inventory and sales information from Ascend to easily update your information on the Find Nearby page.

For more information on the Specialized S_Connect program, or for support, contact your Specialized rep or see the POS Data Share FAQ.

System setup


  • Opt-in to the S_Connect data share service in your Specialized B2B account. Make note of the credentials provided for your Specialized account.
    a. FTP username and password
    b. Account number
    c. Location ID
    Sherpa tip: The Location ID is not the same value as your account number.


Schedule data feeds

(multi-store retailers) Reports must be saved & scheduled separately for each location.

1. Save the Specialized Inventory Feed and Specialized Sales Feed queries to your server computer (log into
2. For each query, replace {ID HERE} with the Location ID given to you by Specialized. 
3. Run each query. Follow the directions below for each:
    Sherpa Tip: see the Run a custom query article for details on running queries. 
  • On the toolbar, click Save and enter Spec_Inv_Store_<Store number – e.g. 1, 2, 3>_<Location name> or Spec_Sales_Store_<Store number – e.g. 1, 2, 3>_<Location name> and click OK. The report saves in the My Queries folder of Reports.
    Sherpa tip: For the Specialized Sales query, accept the default date range.

  • On the toolbar, click Delivery.
    Sherpa tip: Delivery can only be configured on your server computer.
  • From the Time dropdown menu, select 1:00 AM.
  • In the Recurrence Pattern section, select Daily and enter Every 1 day(s).
  • (optional) In the Delivery Method section, select Email and enter the email address(es) you wish to receive a copy of the day’s results.
  • In the Delivery Method section, select FTP/SFTP.
    a. In the Host Address field, enter
    b. From the Protocol dropdown menu, select FTP – File Transfer Protocol.
    c. In the Port Number field, enter 2121.
    d. In the Login and Password fields, enter the FTP username and password from Specialized.
    Sherpa tip: This information was sent via email from Specialized. The Ascend Support Team cannot access this information. If you no longer have this email, contact your Specialized rep.
  • (Sales query) In the Report Parameters section, select Yesterday.
  • Click Save.

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