Trek Connect Retail Marketing (TCRM) 2019 When We Win, You Win! campaign

Use the Trek Connect Retail Marketing When We Win, You Win! campaign to encourage your customers to follow the Trek-Segafredo team races and to make repeat purchasing trips to your store. Customers who make a purchase on a day before the Trek-Segafredo team podiums receive a coupon (amount based on the teams’ placement) to use during the month of July.

See Dexter for full details on this promotion.

Rebate queries will be available starting August 1.

System setup

  • Download the Trek Connect 2019 When We Win, You Win In-Store Credit coupons using the Coupon Wizard utility. Print labels to keep at your cash registers.
    Sherpa Tip: If you're a multi-store retailer, coupons automatically share between all locations, so you only need to download these coupons at one location.
  • Download and install the advertising image on your Ingenico payment terminal.
  • Enter footer information on your receipts to let customers know about the campaign.
    a. Navigate to Options > Receipts > Footers.
    b. In the Sale, Layaway, and Work Orders sections, enter the following text:
    Line 1: WHEN WE WIN, YOU WIN! SAVE YOUR RECEIPT Watch tomorrow’s Tour de France, Giro Rosa, or La Course! If a Trek-Segafredo team rider gets 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the stage, bring your receipt back to this store location for a prize! $100 in-store credit for a stage win, $50 in-store credit for second place, $25 in-store credit for third place
    Line 2: Credit must be used by July 31, 2019. Rest day purchases roll forward to the next race day. Promotion runs July 5-28, 2019. Visit daily to see the stage winners and to read full promotional details.

Contacting winners

Use the Customer Query utility to find customers who are eligible for coupons, and to contact them to remind them to come in and redeem it.

At time of sale

Redeem these discounts like any other coupon. In the Payment dialog box, scan the appropriate label in the Code field, or select the appropriate coupon from the Description drop-down.

End-of-campaign reporting

Sherpa Tip: Rebate queries are due to Trek by Friday, August 23.

  1. Download and run the appropriate WWWYW 2019 Coupons Redeemed query for your country. See the How do I run a custom query? article.
    Sherpa tip: Rebate queries will be posted on Thursday, August 1.
    a. US
    b. Canada
    c. UK
  2. Email the results of the query (in XLSX format) to Trek Customer Care at

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