Trek Connect Retail Marketing (TCRM) 2019 Black Friday Sale

Take advantage of Trek's national marketing campaign, sale pricing for your customers, and rebates for you on select products. Ascend queries allow you to easily submit for your rebates.

See Dexter for full details on the 2019 Black Friday promotion.

End-of-sale reporting

Sherpa Tip: Rebate queries are due to Trek by Friday, December 13. Rebate amounts are based on Trek advertised retail pricing.

  1. Download and run the Black Friday 2019 queries.
    a. Trek 2019 Black Friday Bike Rebates
    b. Trek 2019 Black Friday P&A Rebates – US
    c. Trek 2019 Black Friday P&A Rebates – CAN
  2. Email the results of the query (in XLSX format) to Trek Customer Care at

Sherpa tip: P&A rebate queries only include current products. If you've sold discontinued eligible products, export (in XLSX format) your results and add these sale item details before sending them to Trek.

FAQs & troubleshooting

Promotional Sale Pricing

Q: How do I keep sale prices from showing on SmartEtailing early?

A: Sale pricing will only display early if you use the Supplier Sync service. If you do not wish to display sale pricing early, disable the sale price feed on SmartEtailing (contact SmartEtailing support for assistance).

Q: Why aren’t the Promotion Wizard and rebate queries available early?

A: Trek may release new products before the sale, and Trek often makes last-minute changes to the promotion in order to keep your pricing competitive. If you’ve already downloaded the Promotion Wizard into your system, existing pricing DOES NOT change if the promotion is downloaded again – we don’t want to override any pricing adjustments you’ve made to accommodate your store and/or market!

Likewise, the information that Trek Customer Care requires to process rebates after the campaign may change up until the end of the promotion.

In order to ensure you have the most up-to-date information for this promotion, and with as little work as possible on your end, we’ve chosen to delay releasing this information as long as possible so you do not need to do any re-work.

Q: When I try to download the Promotion Wizard, the Discrepancy tab shows items with Duplicate UPC, but I’ve cleaned up all of my duplicate products.

A: By default, the Remove Duplicate Products utility only displays products that are in stock – to view all duplicate products in your system, uncheck Inventory Only.

The Promotion Wizard does not exclude hidden (removed) products – if you’re seeing products which were already hidden (removed) from your system, edit the hidden product (click the pencil icon above the product list) and remove its UPC.

Q: Why isn’t a bike included in the Promotion Wizard?

A: The Promotion Wizard includes only current models from the last two years. If you wish to extend sale pricing to older models, see the How do I add or edit products for an existing sales promotion? article for details.

Q: A customer special ordered a bike prior to the campaign, but it hasn’t been discounted to the sale price.

A: Sale pricing (including downloads from the Promotion Wizard) is not retroactive. Pricing changes of any kind are never applied to existing transactions so as not to override or reset any special pricing you’ve already applied to the sale item. Employees can manually discount these items to the appropriate sale price.

Q: My store uses custom pricing. Can I still download the Promotion Wizard?

A: You can – after downloading, sale prices can be adjusted to meet your needs; see the How do I add or edit products for an existing sales promotion? article for details.

Alternatively, you can also create your own promotion and apply sale pricing according to your custom pricing; see the How do I create a sales promotion? article for details.

Q: I have another promotion running at the same time, and/or I offer special pricing to employees or other customer groups. Will the discounts be combined?

A: That’s ok! Discounts do not combine – Ascend applies the lowest applicable sale price to the customer’s transaction.

Q: Does the discount apply to closeout bikes?

A: Trek will not be extending an additional discount on closeouts. However, if you wish to extend an additional discount to your customers, you can add your closeout bikes to the Black Friday promotion; see the How do I add or edit products for an existing sales promotion? article for details.

End-of-Sale Reporting

Q: Why isn't a bike sold showing on the report?

A: This is generally due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The product is not categorized under a "Bikes" category (i.e. your parent category name must be "Bikes").
  • The transaction was created or finished on a date outside of the sale dates (November 29-December 2).
  • The product does not have "Trek Bicycle Corporation" as a vendor.

Q: A customer special ordered a bike prior to the campaign and still had not received it by the end of the campaign. Can I still get a rebate for this bike?

A: Discuss this scenario with Trek Customer Care. If approved by Trek, export the query results (as an XLSX file) and add the product information to the spreadsheet before sending it to Trek Customer Care.

If the transaction for the bike was created during the campaign dates (November 29-December 2), it will be included in the results of the rebate query, even if the bike has not been received.

Q: What’s my total rebate amount due?

A: Rebate amounts are based on the bike’s undiscounted advertised retail price (for closeout bikes, the rebate is based on the bike’s original advertised retail price – not the closeout price). This may be different from the price in your system. Contact Trek Customer Care with questions about your rebates.

System setup

  • Keep Ascend on the latest version: See the How do I install an Ascend update? article.
  • Keep Trek vendor products up-to-date: See the How do I import a large number of vendor products into my system? article.
    Sherpa tip: New product releases are included in this sale - be sure to update Trek vendor products prior to downloading the Promotion Wizards.
  • Ensure all products in stock are properly categorized.
    Sherpa Tip: Categorize products at the time they are received - check Options > Ordering > Check for missing product attributes.
  • Register all bikes sold with Trek: See the Register Bikes with Trek during transactions article.
  • Download and install the advertising image(s) on your Ingenico payment terminal.
    a. Black Friday
    b. Holiday
  • Promotional Trek Card financing rates (12 MO PROMOTION - PLAN 452) are automatically available in the Plan Option drop-down payment menu.
  • Download Trek sale pricing: From the Ascend Desktop, select the View menu > Promotions, then click the Wizard button on the toolbar and download the appropriate promotions.
    Sherpa Tip: Black Friday Promotion Wizards will be available starting November 27.
    If you're a multi-store retailer, sale pricing automatically shares between all locations, so you only need to download each sale at one location.
    Older products may not be included in these lists. See the How do I add or edit products for an existing sales promotion? for details on including these items in this promotion.

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