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Selling Trek Project One (P1) bikes

Trek’s Project One program allows customers to customize their bike with the components and paint scheme that’s unique to their needs and personality.

System setup

  1. Download and import the Trek Bicycle Corporation Trek Project One spreadsheet (available on under vendor Trek Bicycle Corporation.
  2. In Ascend, navigate to Database Explorer > Products.
  3. Find and open the product record (Part Number is TREKPROJONE).
  4. Change the SKU to TREKPROJONE.
  5. Check Do not upload label info.
  6. Verify the Category is Bikes and NonInventory is checked.
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. When the MSRP Is Not Greater Than Cost prompt displays, click the Yes button.
  9. (optional) Print labels to keep at all registers for employees to scan easily.

Project One orders

  1. At the time of sale:
    a. Add the Project One Placeholder product. Adjust the Price to the full price of the customized bike.
    b. Mark the placeholder as a Special Order so your buyer knows to enter the order.
    Note: You may wish to print two copies of the customer’s receipt.
    c. Take any deposit payments that your store requires. If full payment is taken, be sure to select Keep Open on the toolbar.
  2. Place the order for the customer’s customized bike on Trek’s B2B site.
    a. From the Order Detail screen, download and import the product spreadsheet.
    Note: The order spreadsheet is not required at this point.
    b. Make note of the Sales Order and Customer PO information.
    a. Remove the placeholder item from the customer’s transaction and add the product information from the B2B order.
    b. Mark the product as a Special Order.
  3. Record the order in Ascend.
    a. Create a vendor order for Trek Bicycle Corporation.
    b. On the toolbar, click the Reorder button and add the customer’s Special Order.
    c. Enter the Sales Order in the Vendor Order # field and the Customer PO in the PO Number field.
    d. Do not check availability or submit the order.
  4. When the customer’s bike is received, process the order, apply payments, and finish the sale like any other Special Order.

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