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Spot check inventory values

Regular full-store inventories and cycle counts are critical to any retail business. But sometimes you just want to spot check specific product or category inventory values. Use your EA 500 Plus inventory scanner and the guide below to get started.

Before you begin counting, you’ll need a few things:

  • Network information for the Ascend server PC including network name and password
  • Access to any Ascend workstation for the duration of your count
  •  Inventory user permissions

Create an Inventory Event

1. Start by selecting Inventory Center or Tools > Inventory Center from the Ascend desktop.

2. In the Inventory Center Event prompt, create a new event


You can also highlight an existing event here, and click Delete to remove it from the list. But be careful. Once deleted, an Inventory Event can not be restored!  

3. Select the radio button for Create New Blank Event. Add an Event name and click Create.

5. Add a single section and set your Starting Number to 1.


You can add or delete sections at any time after the event is created, so if you decide you need more than a single section for your spot check, you can make changes later!

6. Then click Add.

7. The event opens in the Inventory Center and you're ready to start scanning.

Configure your scanner with Ascend

See Configure the Unitech EA500 Plus inventory scanner or Configure the Unitech EA520 Inventory Scanner for details.

Export your results

After you've completed scanning your desired products, use Ascend to view and export your results. 

1. On your scanner, upload your counts by returning to the section list and click UPLOAD.

2. In Ascend, click on the Reconcile button on the top left-hand corner of the app window.

3. Select a non-inventory category, like Labor. This will limit the results to only the products scanned and keep non-scanned inventory off your list. Then click Continue

4. Ascend will analyze the scans and produce a product list for all scanned items. From here you can print or export your results to tally totals.

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5. Once you've exported your results for review, simply close the reconciliation window and exit the Inventory Center. 

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