The importance of customer data capture

Customer data is one of your most important assets. It helps you communicate with clients, track Sales history, and get detailed reporting. That’s why we’ve built Ascend to easily capture and record key customer details - like birthday, contact information, and gender. This can help you notify customers in recall situations and boost your sales by segmenting your lists during promotions or events.

Check out our article on adding a customer in Ascend to learn more about the specific data fields you can include in their customer profile.

There are many reports in Ascend that use customer data to help you target customers for promotions and communication to bring them into your shop more frequently.

Birthday report

Select View > Birthdays from the toolbar in the upper left of the Ascend homepage to see customers with upcoming birthdays.

Highlight a customer and select Email to email that customer directly and send them a birthday coupon or promotion!

Sherpa tip

Highlight a customer, hold Shift on the keyboard, and select another customer further down on the list to highlight all the customers between the first and last one you click. Then you can email all of the highlighted customers at once.

A small birthday cake icon will also appear in the Customer Panel on the sales window if the customer had, or will be having, a birthday within 7 days of today’s date.

Customer queries

Queries are another helpful sales tool for making your own custom reports. For example, you could run a Customer Query for bike sales from this month last year. Since those bikes are due for a tune-up, you might want to send those customers a tune-up reminder or a tune-up coupon!

Navigate to Reports > Cust. Query in Ascend to get started.

Learn more about customer queries here.

Sales by Gender report

Customer data also lets you know how your shop is doing with different people. For example, historically, bike shops have sold more to men than to women. But that doesn't have to be true in your shop.

1. Navigate to Reports > AOR in Ascend to access Ascend Online Reports.

2. Scroll to Sales and select the Sales by Gender report.

3. Set your parameters.
a. If you’re a multi store retailer, you can run this report for one, two, three, or all your locations.
b. Indicate which Product Categories you want to see results for.
c. Add your date range

4. Click Run Report.

The resulting grid gives you information based on both Salesperson Gender and your Customer’s Gender. This is an easy way to see if you are appealing to everyone in your customer base equally - and making the sale!

Customer Data Capture report

1. Navigate to Reports > AOR in Ascend to access Ascend Online Reports.  

2.  Select the Customer Data Capture report in the Customers section.

3. Set your parameters.
     a. Multistore retailers can also select which locations they want to run this report for.
b. Indicate the date range you want to view.

4. select Run Report.

The report lets you know how many transactions each staff member ran during those dates and how many of those transactions were associated with a customer. And you can see which staff members consistently captured customer information like Email, Mobile Phone number, Address, Gender, and Birthday.

Use this data to find the rockstars on your team (who might be able to provide tips for their coworkers) and to see who might need a little more training. Your customer data capture will start climbing towards 100% in no time!

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