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All about the AOR Reorder Report

Sherpa tip: Ascend Online Reports (AOR) is a legacy platform which will soon be replaced by Ascend HQ. If you're not already using this platform, see the Access Ascend HQ article for more details.

Need to order products for more than one location? The Reorder report in Ascend Online Reporting (AOR) can help you easily view and import products into a purchase order and keep track of the location that needs each product. 

1. From the Ascend desktop, select the Tools menu > Reports or click the Reports icon
2. Select the AOR icon on the toolbar to open Ascend Online Reports in your default browser. 

3. In the AOR home screen, scroll down to Ordering and select Reorder. The report automatically runs for all items that need to be reordered. This includes all Locations, all Categories, and all Vendors.

4. You can modify these parameters however you like: 
     a. Choose one, two, three, etc locations. 
     b. Uncheck all Categories and select the ones you want to see. 
     c. Uncheck all Vendors and select the ones you want. 

5. Then click Run Report

To make the screen easier to navigate, items are sorted alphabetically by description, which helps you find anything you need much faster. 

The Vendor column shows all vendors for that product. They are in alphabetical order with the vendor cost appearing after the vendor name. Vendors are also separated by commas for clarity. 

Part numbers are organized the same way. If there are multiple Vendors, the corresponding part numbers appear in the same order as the Vendors, with commas separating them. 

The Quantity Needed column matches the Items to Order form in Ascend. 

Select specific Vendors in the report

You can still select multiple Vendors and this column updates appropriately. If one vendor is selected, Quantity Needed shows the Order Quantity needed to reach your product Max. If multiple Vendors are selected, Quantity Needed shows the Receiving Quantity value needed to satisfy the product Max

All this means is that, if multiple Vendors are selected, Quantity Needed will show Individual Quantity rather than Case Quantity for items that come in packs, since Vendors might package the products differently. 

Export to Ascend

1. To export to Ascend, update your parameters to only include one Vendor
2. Then select Run Report
3. The Export for Ascend button becomes active and you can select it. 
4. Open the downloaded Excel document. This document can be imported directly into a Purchase Order in Ascend. 
5. On the Ascend desktop, select Order. 
6. Choose your vendor
7. Then in the Purchase Order, select File > Import from Excel and locate your Reorder report. 
8. Identifier, Quantity, and Location need to be checked. 
9. Then select OK
10. Select OK in the pop-up window to add this information to the Purchase Order or Cancel to go back. 

The item information such as Identifier, Description, Quantity, and Cost will match up with those columns in the Purchase Order. The location that needs these items will populate in the Location field of the Purchase Order. You can create and export multiple Reorder reports in AOR for all your locations. When you add the reports to your Purchase Order in Ascend, just keep an eye on the Location column. That will let you keep track of who needs what.

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