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Update the Ingenico payment terminal driver

Ensuring the most recent version of the driver for your hardware is important to ensure your device performs efficiently and effectively. When it comes to your payment terminals, this becomes even more important in order to protect your customers’ credit card information and to prevent duplicate charges.

Uninstall the outdated driver(s)

  1. Open your Control Panel (just click on the Start Menu and start typing to search) and navigate to Programs and Features (in the Programs category).
  2. Right-click Ingenico USB Drivers Package and select Uninstall. The Ingenico USB Drivers Package Uninstall Wizard displays.
    Note: If the Version column displays 3.26, you’re running the current version – no need to update!
  3. Welcome to the Ingenico USB Drivers Package: Click Next.
  4. Choose Uninstall Location: Click Next.
  5. Completing the Ingenico USB Drivers Package: Click Finish.
  6. Reboot the computer.

Install the current driver

See the Install the (Ingenico) payment terminal article for full instructions on this process.

Additional Resources

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