Send inventory & pricing information to Bike Exchange

BikeExchange enables online shoppers to find, reserve, and purchase in-stock products from Send your inventory and pricing information from Ascend to easily update your inventory on BikeExchange.

For more information on BikeExchange, or for support, see or contact

Trek retailers: Be sure to review Trek's updated General Internet Sales Policy.

System Setup


  1. Sign up on BikeExchange.
  2. Email to request a login for POS bicycle registration.
    Sherpa tip: (multi-store retailers) Each participating location requires its own login information.


eCommerce Export

If you aren’t already integrated with an eCommerce website provider (like SmartEtailing), you can simply use Ascend’s built-in eCommerce export functions. For details, see the Set up Ascend to export (upload) products to an ecommerce website article.

Save & Schedule Sales Feed

Sherpa tip: If you’re already using the built-in eCommerce export functions to send product information to BikeExchange, you can skip this setup!

Multi-store retailers: Reports must be saved & scheduled separately for each location.

  1. Save the BikeExchange Pricing Feed query (log into to your server computer (e.g. the Windows® Desktop).
  2. On your Ascend server, run the query; see the How do I run a custom query? article for details.
  3. On the toolbar, click Save and enter <Store name (e.g. Ascend University> - BikeExchange Export and click OK. The report saves in the My Queries folder of Reports.
  4. On the toolbar, click Delivery.
  5. From the Time dropdown menu, select 11:30 PM.
    Sherpa tip: Another time after your shop closes can be chosen if you already have multiple reports scheduled for this time.
  6. In the Recurrence Pattern section, select Daily and enter Every 1 Day.
  7. In the Delivery Method section, select Email and enter the email address(es) you wish to receive a copy of the day’s results.
  8. In the Delivery Method section, select FTP/SFTP and enter the following information:
    a. Host Address:
    b. Protocol: Select FTP – File Transfer Protocol
    c. Port: 20
    d. Login and Password: Enter the login information you received from BikeExchange.
  9. In the Report Parameters section, select Today.
    Sherpa tip: See the How do I deliver reports automatically? article for additional delivery options.
  10. Click Save.

Process Sales

  1. Manually create a layaway.
    Sherpa tip: Do not finish (close) the transaction until the customer picks up their order.
  2. Record the payment made on the website.
    Sherpa tip: Discuss the preferred way of handling payments in Ascend with your bookkeeper.
    a. Use the eCommerce payment type OR
    b. Create a custom payment type for BikeExchange.
  3. Print a receipt to attach to the order items and move them to your designated special order/layaway area.


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