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Vendor/supplier labeling programs

Some vendors/suppliers offer services to label products with the UPC (or in-store SKU) barcode and your price (MSRP) when they fulfill orders from you. Ascend allows you to send your product information to these vendors/suppliers to ensure these labels have accurate information.

APPLE/PEAR (Trek Bicycle Corporation)

Information for included order items automatically uploads to Trek when an order is submitted (using the integrated submission process).

Information for all order items which have not yet been received also automatically upload to Trek once per week.

PAL (Quality Bicycle Products/QBP)

Note: To ensure updates are processed before your shipment is processed by the local warehouse, send price updates before submitting your orders.

When QBP integration and email integration is configured, select the Ascend Desktop > Integration menu > QBP > Upload Prices. An email message is created with the product file attached. Click the Send button – updates are automatically processed by QBP.


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