Get started with Locally integration

Locally helps customers connect with premium brands while still shopping small by helping them find in-stock products at stores in their area. Ascend brings you seamless integration so you can continue to offer your customers exceptional hospitality without a lot of extra work. And as an extra bonus – authorized Trek dealers in select markets can display their product availability and take customer orders directly from Trek’s website!

For details on Trek’s integration with Locally, see the B2B article.

  1. Claim and set up your Locally account.
  2. Configure your store hours (both regular and “special” times).
    Sherpa tip: Customer orders must be acknowledged (accepted or rejected) within four business hours of the time the order is placed. This “timer” is based on your store hours.
  3. Set up your inventory and pricing feed.
  4. Set up Buy It Locally.
  5. Product information automatically syncs according to your schedule.
  6. Set up to import customer orders.
  7. Process orders made through Locally.
  8. Process returns through Locally.

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