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2022 World Bicycle Relief (WBR) campaign

Help your customers support World Bicycle Relief by offering the opportunity to add a donation toward a Buffalo Bicycle alongside their own purchase and give someone in need the transportation to better their lives, and those of others in their community.

From November 7 - December 31, 2022, Trek will match all donations (up to a total of $500,000) made by retailers or by customers at the register. Donations at the register can be made in $1 or $5 denominations, or the entire cost of a bike ($165 USD / $205 CAD). At the end of the campaign, Trek will total up all donations taken and charge for the cost of them. Do not process donations outside of campaign dates.

See the B2B article for full details on this promotion.
Note: This link works best if you’re first logged into the B2B site.

System setup

  1. Download and import the World Bike Relief Donations product spreadsheet under vendor Trek Bicycle Corporation.
    Note: If you're a multi-store retailer, products automatically share between all locations, so you only need to download them at one location.
  2. Set the Tax Rate for each in-store product to 0.00% (this may be set on the product or category level).
  3. Print labels to keep at your cash registers for cashiers to scan easily.

At time of sale

Scan the appropriate donation denomination like any other sale item and complete the sale as normal.
Note: Do not change prices on the donation SKUs. If a customer wishes to donate a different amount, scan the appropriate number of donation SKUs to total their desired donation amount.
Tax receipts are NOT provided for in-store donations.

Only completed sales are included for final donation amounts. If the customer’s transaction must be kept open (e.g. layaway, special order, bike build), sell the donation SKUs on a separate transaction.

Only donations taken between November 7 - December 31, 2022 will be collected, matched, and included in this campaign. Do not process donations outside of campaign dates.


At the end of the campaign, Trek automatically retrieves sales values for each SKU (by UPC) and bills your account accordingly.
Note: In order to administer the campaign and track donations, Trek Retail Corporation must access dealer customer information. By downloading and installing the World Bike Relief SKUs and by accepting donations, you consent to Trek Retail Corporation accessing your customers’ personal information for all purposes related to the campaign.

If you wish to view your donation details ahead of time, use the Customer and/or Product Query tools.

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